Ski AlpinSki Alpin
Médailles olympiques
Première participationCalgary 1988
Année de naissance1966


A member of the Canadian Women’s Ski Team from 1982 through 1994, Kerrin Lee-Gartner is perhaps best known as the first Canadian woman to win the Olympic alpine downhill event, which she accomplished in 1992 and, as of 2009, the only Canadian to win gold in that competition. Up until the race was complete, however, few would have expected her to have claimed the victory. In 1985 she suffered a severe accident that left in her need of many knee surgeries, including two complete reconstructions. At the 1988 Winter Olympics she placed 15th in the downhill event and another accident in 1989 stopped her from competing or training for six months. On the day of the downhill event, her odds at victory were 20-1 in Las Vegas. After her gold medal in 1992, however, she became an instant and popular celebrity and was soon made a member of the Order of British Columbia, which cited her inspiration and triumph over adversity. Unable to match her success at the 1994 Winter Olympics, Lee-Gartner retired and has since been involved in ski-related charitable organizations, such as the Nancy Greene Ski League and the Kerrin Lee-Gartner Challenge. She has also worked as a television broadcaster with CBC.

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