Harland Ware HOLDEN

États-Unis d'Amérique USA

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    Stockholm 1912
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Résultats olympiques


Harland Ware HOLDEN

Harlan Holden competed for Bates College and the Boston AA. His placement on the 1912 Olympic Team is a mystery as he did not place in any of the three regional Olympic Trials, and never placed at the IC4As or AAUs. At the 1912 Olympics, he also competed in the baseball demonstration event.

Holden became a career military man, serving in both World Wars as a colonel in the US Army Air Force. Holden’s son, Harlan, Jr., later attended the US Military Academy and served as a lieutenant in World War II, only to die in a training crash in Texas.

Personal Best: 800 – 1:58.1 (1912).

Résultats olympiques

Résultats olympiques
Résultats Événement Sport

Stockholm 1912

#AC h2 r2/3
800 metres
800 metres Athletics
Baseball (Game #1)
Baseball (Game #1) Baseball
Baseball (Game #2)
Baseball (Game #2) Baseball