Gimnasia artística Gimnasia artística 
Medallas olímpicas
Primera participaciónSeúl 1988
Año de nacimiento1970


Yukio Iketani competed at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics, winning team bronze medals both years and adding individual medals in the floor exercise at both Olympics, a bronze in 1988 and silver in 1992. He also won a bronze medal on horizontal bar at the 1989 World Championships. Iketani later became popular on the Japanese televised sports specials, Kinniku Bazuke and Sasuke, which had the contestants attempting to navigate several obstacle courses. He competed in four Sasuke tournaments, but never got past the second stage in any of his appearances. He had a brother, Naoki, who was a veteran of the Sasuke show, making 15 televised appearances. Yukio Iketani also had a brief career in professional wrestling, appearing under the name Ginga Iketani for Hustle, a Japanese wrestling company. In later life he turned to politics and ran for the House of Councillors in 2010 as a member of the Democratic Party, but lost the election.

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