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EquipoEstados Unidos de América
Medallas olímpicas
Primera participaciónSeúl 1988
Año de nacimiento1966


Dennis Mitchell placed fourth in the 100 metres at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and missed a probable gold medal in the 4x100 m relay because the American team was disqualified in the heats for a bad baton pass. In 1989, Mitchell won the NCAA 200 metre title, representing the University of Florida. In 1991, just a month before the World Championships, Mitchell helped a US team break the 4x100 m relay world record with a time of 37.67 at Zürich. At the 1991 World Championships, Mitchell won gold with the American 4x100 m relay team, which further broke the world record with 37.50 in the final, and added a bronze medal in 100 m.

In 1992, Mitchell won his first US Championship in the 100 m, which he would repeat in 1994 and 1996. At the Barcelona Olympics, Mitchell ran on his third world record setting relay team, recording 37.40 to win the gold medal, and again took bronze in the 100. At the 1993 World Championships, Mitchell won his third bronze at the international championships in the 100 and his third relay gold in world record time, as this time the American team equaled their 37.40 mark.

Mitchell won a gold medal in 100 m at the 1994 Goodwill Games, before winning silver in the relay at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In 1998, Mitchell was banned by the IAAF for two years after a test showed high levels of testosterone and he made his final international appearance at the 2001 World Championships, where he initially won a gold medal in 4x100 m relay, but later the team was disqualified because of BALCO scandal involvement by a teammate. Mitchell’s excuse for his high testosterone level was a classic, when he noted that it was due to having several beers and having sex multiple times with his wife, because it was her birthday and she deserved it.

Personal Best: 100 – 9.91 (1991).


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