Cycling BMX Freestyle
  • Olympic Debut
    Tokyo 2020
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History of

Cycling BMX Freestyle

In BMX Freestyle, riders perform routines consisting of sequences of tricks carried out on flat ground, in the streets, on dirt jumps, a halfpipe and/or on constructed ramps. In competition, riders are judged on the quality of their performance.

Roots of Cycling BMX Freestyle

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Freestyle quickly developed as a separate discipline from BMX Racing following its start in the 1960s in California.

Becoming a Sport

From 1980 until 1987, BMX Freestyle increased in popularity. The discipline’s founding governing body was first called the Amateur Skate Park Association (ASPA) in 1982, and then a couple years after, it changed to the American Freestyle Association (AFA). Eventually, the discipline became governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). As of 2021, the UCI had 197 members.