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History of

Beach Handball

After beach volleyball began to thrive on Italy’s beaches, it inspired the country’s handball players to transfer the game to the sand.

Beach Handball Evolution

In the late 1980s, Italian coach Simonetta Montagni began developing handball on the beach. As the discipline began to grow in popularity, coach Luciano Bartolini was asked to create the first set of rules for the game in 1990, making the fast-paced game fit within the existing beach volleyball court lines.

In 2000, beach handball became an official European Handball Federation (EHF) sport, and the first EHF Beach Handball European Championship was held that year in Gaeta, Italy. The sport was further developed with representatives of the International Handball Federation (IHF), and it began to reach a global audience. In 2004, the first Beach Handball World Championship was held in Egypt, and the first IHF under-17 World Championships were held in Mauritius in 2017. There, Spain won the men’s event and Hungary claimed the women’s gold.