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Lillehammer 1994 Official Film | Lillehammer '94, 16 Days of Glory

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Barcelona 1992 Official Film | Marathon

The illustrious Spanish director, Carlos Saura, created a structure for this documentary as unconventional as the buildings of Gaudí that adorn the host city of Barcelona. Coverage of the men's Marathon appears at intervals throughout the narrative, thus enshrining the Games' most emblematic event. All the charismatic winners are on view, from 400m champion Michael Johnson to weightlifter Ivan Ivanov, but Saura observes the rigorous training routines with as much passion as the finals themselves. Composers like Ryuichi Sakamato, Mikis Theodorakis, and Angelo Badalamenti contribute to the changing moods of this excellent film.
Carlos Saura | 1993 | 130' |...