Salt Lake City 2002

Salt Lake City 2002The Brand


It represents a stylised snow crystal with bright colours—yellow, orange and blue. These are the colours found in the Utah landscape. Under the picture, on top of the Olympic rings, are the words "Salt Lake 2002". The theme conveyed by these graphic elements is threefold: contrast, culture and courage. Contrast symbolising the Utah landscape—from the arid desert to the snowy mountains; culture representing the different cultures which make the region the exceptional heritage of America; and courage reflecting the spirit of the athletes—the very essence of the Games. This theme followed the feeling of the inhabitants of Utah who wanted the emblem to reflect the diversity of the landscape and heritage of their region, as well as the Olympic spirit. Graphic designers were then contacted to find the right way to translate the ideas of the local community into a visual form. A creative exploration which gave rise to more than 1,200 projects.



Polychrome poster composed of a photo representing a flag carrying the logo of the XIX Olympic Winter Games. The flag floats above the mountaintop in the background. Publisher: SLOOC; Fine Art, Saint-Louis.

Salt Lake City

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