The Olympic Torch Relay

A modern invention inspired by practices from ancient Greece, the Olympic Torch Relay heralds the start of the Olympic Games and transmits a message of peace and friendship along its route.

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About the torches

First used at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics, the modern torches of the Summer and Winter Olympics are built to resist the effects of wind and rain as they carry the Olympic flame, and bear unique designs that represent the host country and the spirit of the Games.

February 4 - February 20Beijing 2022
Torch Relay

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All About Torches

Brazil World Cup legend Zico carries the Olympic flame alongside former Japan international stars
Olympic Torch in Kanagawa: The nature and city lights
Japanese sports stars on the Olympic Torch Relay route: Kanagawa and Chiba
Olympic Torch in Yamanashi: The flame visits a gem of natural beauty
Olympic Torch Relay in Miyagi: Olympic flame visits area devastated by 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake