Antwerp 1920

Antwerp 1920The Medals

On the obverse, a tall, naked athlete holding in his left hand a palm leaf and a laurel crown, symbols of victory. Behind him, the figure of the Renommée playing the trumpet. In the background, a frieze with a Greek motif and the inscription “VII OLYMPIADE" underneath.

On the reverse, the Antwerp monument, commemorating the legend of Silvius Brabo throwing into the Scheldt the hand of the giant Druon Antigoon, who had been terrorising the river. In the background, the cathedral and port of Antwerp. In the top half, the inscription "ANVERS MCMXX". The legend says that in Antiquity, this cruel giant forced all vessels on the river to pay a toll. If the captain refused to pay, the giant cut off his hand. The giant spread terror amongst the sailors for many long years, until the day he met Brabo. This courageous Roman soldier dared to take on the giant and succeeded in killing him. As revenge for the victims, he cut off the giant's hand and threw it into the river. This is where the name of the city comes from—”Antwerp” means "thrown hand". A total of 1250 copies were made: 450 gold medals, 400 silver medals and the same number in bronze.

Designer: Josuë Dupon

Composition: 1st Place (Gold; Gilt), 2nd Place (Silver), 3rd Place (Bronze)

Diameter: 60mm

Mint: Coosemans, Bruxelles


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