Albertville 1992

Albertville 1992The Mascot




Magique [Magic]. Several studies, financed by the Organising Committee (OCOG), were conducted to find a name for the mascot, but in the end none was chosen. However, on re-reading his brief, his creator realised that the word “magique” appeared several times. The enthusiastic OCOG thus decided to name the mascot accordingly.


A little imp in the shape of a star and a cube, Magique was the first mascot that was not an animal since the Innsbruck 1976 Games. His star shape symbolised dreams and imagination. His colours came from the French flag.


Philippe Mairesse

Did You Know?

Originally, the mascot chosen was a mountain goat, created by illustrator Michel Pirus. This idea gave way to the star-shaped imp two years before the start of the Games.

The mascot had a pedagogical role: with the aim of informing the 7,924 Games volunteers, the OCOG opted for a computer-aided teaching programme. Magique appeared in the various teaching modules and games.


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