Yoggl gives the Youth Olympic Village his hoof of approval

They say home is where the heart is. And for Yoggl, that’s his beloved Tyrolean mountains. But, after getting a sneaky peek at the Youth Olympic Village (YOV) last week and being impressed with what he saw, our goggle-eyed mascot is contemplating upgrading his bed under the stars for a more comfortable arrangement in the YOV.

Joined by Innsbruck 2012 top man Peter Bayer, Yoggl was on hand to receive the first delivery of furniture for the Village, which will house the 1,059 athletes who will compete in the first Winter Youth Olympic Games and give the rooms his hoof of approval.

In total, 7,300 pieces of furniture will arrive at the Village, including 1,600 beds, wardrobes, chairs and bedside tables and 900 desks! It will take 10,000 hours of hard work to transport and assemble all the pieces, so it’s a good job Yoggl was around to flex his furry muscles.

As well as ticking Yoggl’s comfort, style and practicality boxes on his stringent check list, the YOV is the largest environmentally-friendly building complex in Austria. A bonus for a nature-loving Alpine chamois.

For a glimpse of where the athletes, and quite possibly Yoggl, will be living during the Games, check out these exclusive shots.