XIE Siyi wins men's 3m springboard gold, WANG Zongyuan clinches silver

The two athletes from People's Republic of China showed their dominance to clinch gold and silver in the men's 3m springboard final

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It's a double victory for People's Republic of China.

XIE Siyi has won gold after smashing every dive in the men's 3m springboard final at Tokyo Aquatics Centre with a six-round total of 558.75 points.

For Xie, this marks his first gold medal at an Olympic Games after having already won four gold medals at the World Championships.

Xie, who already has four gold medals under his belt at the World Championships, couldn't help but shed tears after clinching his first Olympic victory.

“I just thought to myself, I’ve done it. I didn’t let everyone down. I also feel proud of myself. This is my first Olympic Games and I’ve had to go through a lot. To win gold here, I’ve also achieved my ‘grand slam’," the 25-year-old Chinese diver said.

“I’ll give myself full marks. It’s really not been easy all these years. I want to thank myself for not giving up on myself.

“For me, so much has happened before coming here to compete. I had to make that psychological adjustment in a short time, whether it’s in your training or competing. On one hand, you’re doing it for your country. On the other hand, it’s for your own dreams. The fact that I’ve had many injuries along the way is also a factor."

Along with Xie, 19-year-old teammate WANG Zhoyuan took silver with 534.90 points in his Olympic debut.

Meanwhile, Great Britain's Jack Laugher also performed spectacular dives to claim bronze after amassing a total score of 518 points.

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A standing ovation for a six-time Olympian

The finals ended in an emotional note as Japan's TERAUCHI Ken got a standing ovation from the divers after his sixth and final dive.

The 40-year-old Japanese diver has competed in five Olympic Games (Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016) and made his sixth Games right here in home soil.

Despite finishing at seventh place, Terauchi displayed nothing but the spirit of an Olympian.

"I am genuinely happy to make it. I know my score isn't high enough to get the top three, but I'm still going to aim for the top,

"My first jump today didn't have a very pretty entrance into the water, but that was what I expected from practice. I'm also pretty tired from last night. But I fixed my posture in my second and third dives and I felt much lighter. 

"I know my competitors are very strong but I believe in myself, and I jump every jump confidently."

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