World Weightlifting Championships: India’s Sanket Sargar falls short

Sanket Sargar, competing in the men’s 55kg, pulled off the sixth-best snatch lift of 113kg in the field but all of his clean and jerk attempts were unsuccessful.

By Utathya Nag
Picture by Clive Brunskill /Allsport / Getty Images

Indian weightlifter Sanket Sargar was unsuccessful with all of his three clean and jerk attempts in the men’s 55kg event at the World Weightlifting Championships 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Tuesday, thereby failing to make it to the overall rankings.

In the snatch section, Sanket Sargar successfully executed all his three lifts (107kg, 111kg and 113kg), with his best attempt of 113kg proving to be the sixth-best in the field. The Indian, however, failed with his clean and jerk attempts.

A weightlifter needs at least one successful attempt in both snatch and clean and jerk to rank in the overall leaderboard.

Kazakhstan’s Arli Chontey, a silver medallist in the division from the 2018 worlds, became the new world champion with a total lift of 260kg (118kg+142kg). Thailand’s Somboonuan Thada won silver with 256kg (115kg+141kg) while Bulgaria’s Angel Hriskov Rusev clinched bronze with 254kg (110kg+144kg).

In the standalone clean and jerk section, Rusev won gold followed by Malaysia’s Bin Kasdan (142kg). Arli came in with bronze.

In snatch, meanwhile, Saudi Arabian lifter M al Saleem, who like Sanket Sargar failed with all his clean and jerk attempts, bagged the gold with a best lift of 118kg followed by Arli. The bronze went to Turkey’s Muanmer Sahin (116kg).

Commonwealth Championships 2021 55kg results

With the same event also doubling up as the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships 2021, a qualifying tournament for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, medals were also given out to Commonwealth athletes in accordance to their standings.

Sanket Sargar didn’t make the cut on that front either since he failed to convert in clean and jerk.

Malaysia’s Mohamad Aniq Bin Kasdan won the Commonwealth gold with 249kg (107kg+142kg), Uganda’s Davis Niyoyita got silver and Kenya’s Benjamin Osiemo won bronze.

Only overall medals were presented in the Commonwealth section.


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