WATCH: Dramatic big wave surfing rescue in Nazaré

Jet-ski rescue pilot Sérgio Cosme was thrust into action when Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby got caught inside on a big wave.

By ZK Goh and Andrew Binner

Ever wondered what it's like to wipe out on a big wave? It's the job of one man, Sérgio Cosme, to ensure that any surfers who do suffer a fall on the giant waves of Nazaré get back to shore safely.

Nazaré is a seaside town on Portugal’s Costa de Prata that is famous for producing some of the world’s biggest waves.

And Cosme, a Portuguese jet-ski pilot, is tasked with rescuing surfers who have been swept up by or get stuck inside the swells – something he had to do this week after Brazil's Pedro Scooby found himself caught inside one.

The Olympic Channel were there filming it all, and you can watch the incredible video below.

New Olympic Channel film

After learning that one of the largest swells ever – potentially a record wave – was rolling into Nazaré's shores last week, Olympic Channel travelled to the area with the goal of filming big wave surfing prodigy Antonio ‘Tony’ Laureano break the world record for the largest wave ever surfed.

A host of star names in the surfing community such as Garret McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Nic Von Rup, and Justine Dupont also came out to test themselves on the waves.

All the action was shot for Olympic Channel's new one-off film Nazaré 2020. The Beast Awakens, which can be watched in full on

Laureano, who's still only 18, became the youngest surfer ever to be nominated for the XXL Big Wave Awards in 2017.

His ability, determination and fearless attitude have seen him marked by international surf experts as someone that could go on to dominate the Big Wave Tour.

Shredding Monsters - Nazaré

Olympic Channel is no stranger to Nazaré and its giant waves.

In 2017, we followed a group of big wave surfing legends including Garret McNamara as they embarked on a trip to take on the biggest swell of the year in Shredding Monsters - Nazaré.