Vote now: Choose the official Milano Cortina 2026 emblem!

You get a say in the selection of the Winter Olympic Games emblem – which of the two choices is your favourite?

By ZK Goh

Ever wanted to directly have an impact on a part of the Olympic Games?

The Milano Cortina 2026 Organising Committee is giving you the chance. Until 22 March, members of the public are invited to vote for one of two logos to become the official Games emblem.

It is the first time in the history of the Games that a popular vote will decide the Olympic emblem.

The two selected emblems, referred to as the "Logo Dado" and "Logo Futura", were unveiled on Saturday (6 March) as part of the 2021 Sanremo Music Festival's final night.

The winning design will succeed the image that had been used to represent the Milano-Cortina bid while they were a Candidate City (pictured above), prior to being elected as the hosts.

Two Italian Olympic icons, swimmer Federica Pellegrini and alpine skier Alberto Tomba, were on hand to reveal the pair of logos.

Each user who visits the website, or votes through the official Milano Cortina 2026 app, gets three votes per day.

Milano Cortina 2026: Logo Dado

The idea behind Dado is set around the gamification of the Olympic Winter Games. It invites the viewer to not just be a spectator, but to become the protagonist and be an active part of the Games.

"It takes determination and dedication to meet every challenge, to achieve our goals," says Dado's video presentation. "We can all learn from the courage of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

"Together we can build a better world through sport. A world where everyone can play and win. Milano Cortina 2026: join the Games!"

The Dado emblem is made up of a gaming joystick in the shape of a snowflake, with the numbers 2 and 6 in green and red underneath, creating the illusion of a parallelepiped (a three-dimensional figure of a parallelogram).

In its animated form, the emblem also includes icons representing sports equipment, as well as values like friendship, excellence, and respect.

The words "Milano Cortina 2026" and the Olympic Rings or Paralympic Agitos (as appropriate) complete the emblem at the bottom.

Milano Cortina 2026: Logo Futura

Futura aims to evoke a sense of integration and consciousness that any single action has the power to contribute to a world which is more sustainable and fairer for all.

"The smallest and most natural gestures can change the world," its video says. "In sport and in life, great victories are won day by day, gesture by gesture.

"The Olympics and Paralympics are a unique opportunity to leave a lasting and beautiful mark. Milano Cortina 2026: the future is a victory for all."

This emblem is made up of the number 26 in one single trace, with Milano Cortina 2026 explaining: "Think of the gesture of a child. A simple, spontaneous gesture that comes to life on a misted glass, revealing what is beneath, and tracing the number 26 on the surface.

"A journey made of gestures begins: the sign becomes a window revealing colourful sporting and everyday pictures. In a continuous comparison between sporting and daily actions, a story of images accompanies us on a dualistic path allowing us to fully understand the meaning of the logo."

The words "Milano Cortina 2026" and the Olympic Rings or Paralympic Agitos (as appropriate) complete the emblem at the bottom.

Emblem announcement for Milano Cortina 2026

Following the voting period to 22nd March 2021, votes cast will be calculated and the winning emblem – which will become the official Milano Cortina 2026 emblem for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026 – will be announced on a special Olympic and Paralympic Games edition of the Italian game show Soliti Ignoti on RAI.

That episode of the show will also reveal the first set of personalities who have been selected to represent Milano Cortina 2026 as official Games Ambassadors.

Which of the two emblems is your favourite? Get voting and have your say!