Track & Field World Athletics Championships Oregon22: Results, day ten - Sunday 24 July

Discover the results from the nine finals on day 10 – the last day – of the track and field World Athletics Championships on Sunday 24 July 2022.

By ZK Goh
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Hosts Team USA won the inaugural Team Trophy at the World Athletics Championships as the 2022 edition came to a resounding close on the final day with two new world records being set.

While the Americans doubled up in the 4x400m relays and won the women's 800m through Athing Mu, the stories of the day were Armand Duplantis finally winning world pole vault gold as he broke his own world record, clearing 6.21m, and Tobi Amusan registering a scarcely-believable 12.12 seconds in the women's 100m hurdles heats before she went on to take gold.

Other winners on the day were the Olympic champions Massimo Stano, Malaika Mihambo, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen, while Kevin Mayer returned to the top of the decathlon.

Find results from the day's nine finals and the Team Trophy below.

Team trophy – USA crowned inaugural World Team Champions

Top 8 teams:

  1. United States of America (USA), 328 pts
  2. Jamaica (JAM), 110 pts
  3. Ethiopia (ETH), 106 pts
  4. Kenya (KEN), 104 pts
  5. Great Britain & Northern Ireland (GBR), 68 pts
  6. Canada (CAN) and China (CHN), 63 pts (tied)
  7. Tie for sixth
  8. Poland (POL), 49 pts

Men's 35km race walk results – Stano becomes inaugural winner

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Massimo Stano (ITA), 2:23:14, Championship record, European record, world lead, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Kawano Masatora (JPN), 2:23:15, Asian record, silver medallist
  3. Perseus Karlström (SWE), 2:23:44, bronze medallist
  4. Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU), 2:24:37, South American record
  5. He Xianghong (CHN), 2:24:45, national record
  6. Evan Dunfee (CAN), 2:25:02, North American–Central American–Caribbean record
  7. Caio Bonfim (BRA), 2:25:14, national record
  8. Eider Arévalo (COL), 2:25:21, national record

Men's pole vault results – Duplantis breaks world record and finally claims world title

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Armand Duplantis (SWE), 6.21m, world record, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Chris Nilsen (USA), 5.94m, silver medallist
  3. Ernest John Obiena (PHI), 5.94m, Asian record, bronze medallist
  4. Thiago Braz (BRA), 5.87m
  5. Oleg Zernikel (GER) and Renaud Lavillenie (FRA), 5.87m (tied)
  6. Tie for fifth
  7. Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (GER), 5.87m
  8. Ersu Sasma (TUR), 5.80m, equal national record

Event report

Women's long jump results – Mihambo retains world title

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Malaika Mihambo (GER), 7.12m, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Ese Brume (NGR), 7.02m, silver medallist
  3. Leticia Oro Melo (BRA), 6.89m, bronze medallist
  4. Quanesha Burks (USA), 6.88m
  5. Brooke Buschkuehl (AUS), 6.87m
  6. Khaddi Sagnia (SWE), 6.87m
  7. Ivana Vuleta (SRB), 6.84m
  8. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk (UKR), 6.82m

Men's 5000m results – Ingebrigtsen outlasts field to win surprise gold

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Jakob Ingebrigtsen (NOR), 13:09.24, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Jacob Krop (KEN), 13:09.98, silver medallist
  3. Oscar Chelimo (UGA), 13:10.20, bronze medallist
  4. Luis Grijalva (GUA), 13:10.44
  5. Mohammed Ahmed (CAN), 13:10.46
  6. Grant Fisher (USA), 13:11.65
  7. Nicholas Kipkorir (KEN), 13:11.97
  8. Yomif Kejelcha (ETH), 13:12.09

Race report

Women's 800m results – USA's Mu holds off Hodgkinson for classic win

Final results:

  1. Athing Mu (USA), 1:56.30, world lead, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Keely Hodgkinson (GBR), 1:56.38, silver medallist
  3. Mary Moraa (KEN), 1:56.71, bronze medallist
  4. Diribe Welteji (ETH), 1:57.02
  5. Natoya Goule (JAM), 1:57.90
  6. Raevyn Rogers (USA), 1:58.26
  7. Anita Horvat (SLO), 1:59.83
  8. Ajee' Wilson (GBR), 2:00.19

Race report

Women's 100m hurdles results – Amusan breaks world record in semis en route to gold

Final results:

  1. Tobi Amusan (NGR), 12.06, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Britany Andersen (JAM), 12.23, silver medallist
  3. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (PUR), 12.23, bronze medallist
  4. Alia Armstrong (USA), 12.31
  5. Cindy Sember (GBR), 12.38
  6. Danielle Williams (JAM), 12.44
  7. Devynne Charlton (BAH), 12.53

    • Kendra Harrison (USA), DQ
    • The final was run with a +2.5m/s tailwind, making the race ineligible for records. Amusan ran 12.12 seconds in the semi-finals for the world record.


Men's decathlon results – Kevin Mayer regains world title

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kevin Mayer (FRA), 8816 pts, gold medallist, world champion
  2. Pierce LePage (CAN), 8701 pts, silver medallist
  3. Zachery Ziemek (USA), 8676 pts, bronze medallist
  4. Ayden Owens-Delerme (PUR), 8532 pts, national record
  5. Lindon Victor (GRN), 8474 pts
  6. Niklas Kaul (GER), 8434 pts
  7. Maicel Uibo (EST), 8425 pts
  8. Cedric Dubler (AUS), 8246 pts

Men's 4x400m relay results – USA dominate for gold

Final results:

  1. United States of America (USA), 2:56.17, world lead, gold medallists, world champions
  2. Jamaica (JAM), 2:58.58, silver medallists
  3. Belgium (BEL), 2:58.72, bronze medallists
  4. Japan (JPN), 2:59.51, Asian record
  5. Trinidad and Tobago (TTO), 3:00.03
  6. Botswana (BOT), 3:00.14, national record
  7. France (FRA), 3:01.35
  8. Czech Republic (CZE), 3:01.63, national record
  9. Poland (POL), 3:02.51

Women's 4x400m relay results – USA doubles up in 4x4 as Felix wins 20th Worlds medal as part of heats team

Final results:

  1. United States of America (USA), 3:17.79, world lead, gold medallists, world champions
  2. Jamaica (JAM), 3:20.74, silver medallists
  3. Great Britain & Northern Ireland (GBR), 3:22.64, bronze medallists
  4. Canada (CAN), 3:25.18
  5. France (FRA), 3:25.81
  6. Belgium (BEL), 3:26.29
  7. Italy (ITA), 3:26.45
  8. Switzerland (SUI), 3:27.81


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