A Nepalese farmer to carry the torch in Saga

KANCHHA Lama has lived in Japan since October 2007. After finishing his training in Japan in the city of Tosu, Saga Prefecture, he then went to university in Mie Prefecture until 2013. After which, he returned to Saga Prefecture to manage a farm in the city of Karatsu, an area which is well-suited to agriculture. It has also been affected by natural disasters. Many locals support Kanccha's efforts at the farm where he is currently employed.

Kanchha's farm has an area of 20,000 square meters, and produces vegetables, citrus, and fruit tomatoes. He chose agriculture in Japan to learn about nature from the local people. He enjoys living among the people of Karatsu becaues it is surrounded by nature. Although he must also attend to his farm, he participates as often as he can in local events, where he hopes to make himself more widely known in the community.

He recently learned that the Olympic Torch Relay would pass through Karatsu, and thought he couldn't miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It has been over ten years since you came to Japan. What, in your experience about Japan and how is life different from Nepal?

One good thing about Japan is the punctuality. I also like the fact that Japanese people are earnest, and make their work their priority. Japan is different from Nepal because everything is developed. Nepal does not have much essential infrastructure for its citizens.

Please tell us why you chose Saga Prefecture.

One good thing about Saga is it's not very cold. Natural disasters occur infrequently, and it is easy to live there. The fish are delicious, and there are many farmers, so you can eat lots of fresh vegetables.

What was your experience like as a farmer in this community?

What is difficult in agriculture is the constant uncertainty that one faces when dealing with nature. What I learned was that agricultural products are a necessary part of life. I also learned that vegetables eaten in season are delicious.

What do you like about Karatsu, and what about it would you like to boast of to the world?

What I’m proud to tell the world is that Karatsu has many things of historical interest. It’s also blessed with an abundant natural environment, and the people are very kind.

As a torchbearer, what do you want to tell the people of your community, and to whom do you want to express your gratitude?

I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of Karatsu for making their city such a liveable place for a foreigner. To these people who so kindly help outsiders, I swear that I will proudly do my best for agriculture.