Sport climbing venue "Games ready" after Tokyo test event

Aomi Urban Sports Park goes through successful dry-run for 2020 Olympics amid coronavirus concerns

By Shintaro Kano

Sport climbing operations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was deemed Games ready following a test event at Aomi Urban Sports Park on Friday (6 March).

Friday's Ready Steady Tokyo event was originally scheduled to feature 20 of Japan's top climbers in what was a sneak preview of the Aomi wall but had been scaled back in response to concerns over coronavirus.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Organising Committee replaced athletes with its own staff.

Aomi Urban Sports Park, sport climbing and 3x3 basketball venue, is unveiled.

At the venue in Tokyo Bay, Toru Kobinata, the organising committee's Sports Manager for sport climbing and also an IFSC Vice-President, said the sport and venue are primed for their Games debut.

With sport climbing set to be held during the evening at the 24 July- 9 August Tokyo Olympic Games, the wall has been set-up to avoid potentially challenging weather conditions for the athletes.

"The park has been designed so that the sun only reaches the wall for a short time in the mornings," Kobinata told reporters after Friday's test. "A nice breeze also passes through here we think we will be able to manage".

Venue General Manager Mika Yanagisawa said large electric fans and tents will also be placed at the park, giving spectators a pleasant environment to view the action.

Kobinata made one thing clear: a fair field of play and the safety of athletes will not be jeopardized.

"Our view is that we have to stage the best competition we possibly can with the facilities we have at our disposable", Kobinata said. "The most important thing, I think, is to provide the athletes a fair and impartial forum to compete.