Tokyo 2020 emblems selection process

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Opinions on the shortlisted emblem designs

Thank you to everyone who sent in a comment about the shortlisted designs.
The views and comments received served as a valuable frame of reference to the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee when making its final decision on 25 April.

Competition Schedule

Competition Schedule
16 October 2015Public announcement of Application Guidelines
30 October 2015Announcement of outline of the application website (Japanese only)
24 November 2015 (noon JST)Opening date for receipt of entries
7 December 2015 (noon JST)Closing date for receipt of entries
7 – 11 December 2015Format check
15 December 2015Start of design check
7 – 9 January 2015Evaluation by the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee
12 January 2016Conduct domestic and international trademark verification processes
8 April 2016Announcement of shortlisted emblem designs
25 April 2016Final decision on winning design

Evaluation of entries

We originally received 14,599 entries and we would like to thank everyone who entered a design. All designs were carefully evaluated in line with the selection procedure.

Details of evaluationEvaluation of entries
Phase 1 – Format check 1)All 110 members of the Emblems Selection Secretariat will check to ensure entries comply with the stipulated format requirements. 2)All entries that pass the format check will then be examined to ensure compliance with specified legal requirements.Number of valid entries: 10,666
Phase 2 – First design check Entries that pass the second format check will be evaluated from a design perspective by a group containing a small number of people. A live video of the selection committee at work was streamed between 08:45–10:15 on 15 December. Thank you to all of you who watched the video.Number of valid entries: 311
Phase 2 – Second design check Entries that have passed the first design check will then be forwarded to the second stage of design evaluation. This process will be conducted by a group containing a large number of people. A live video of the selection committee at work was streamed between 10:30–11:45 on 21 December. Thank you to all of you who watched the video.Number of valid entries: 64
Phase 3 – Evaluation by the Emblems Selection Committee Over a three-day period, the committee will a conduct series of discussions and votes on the designs. Successful entries will then be shortlisted for the trademark verification process.The members of the Selection Committee will evaluate each entry from a variety of perspectives. Number of valid entries: 4

Selection Committee member list

On 29 September, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee launched an Emblems Selection Committee to ensure an open process for the earliest possible selection of Games emblems that will have widespread appeal.

Ryohei MIYATA - Commissioner for Cultural Affairs
Ryoichi ENOMOTOCreative Director Visiting Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Yuko HASEGAWAChief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Professor, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Izumi HAYASHIAttorney-at-Law Partner, Sakurazaka Law Offices Visiting professor at Chuo Law School
Hiroshi IMANAKAPresident, Social Welfare Foundation SOOHKAI Creative Director, Atelier Incurve
Hiroshi KASHIWAGIProfessor, Musashino Art University
Mitsuo KATSUIGraphic designer Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University
Kei MATSUSHITAProfessor of Visual Communication Design, Tokyo University of the Arts
Motoo NAKANISHIDesign consultant, PAOS Group Representative (Tokyo and Shanghai)
Takeshi NATSUNOGuest professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance of Keio University
Mei NISHIZAKIThe 4th-grade in Ritsumeikan University Former
Sadaharu OHChairman of the Board, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Corp. Chairman, World Children's Baseball Foundation
Fumi SASADAPresident & CEO, Bravis International Limited
Toshiyuki SHIGAMember of the Board of Directors and Vice Chairman, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
Ai SUGIYAMAFormer tennis professional player TV sports commentator
Keiichi TADAKIAttorney at Law Former Prosecutor General
Aki TAGUCHIParalympian, Japanese national shooting team Director, Paralympians Association of Japan
Risa TANAKAPresident, The Graduate School of Project Design Director, SENDENKAIGI Co.,Ltd
Hiroshi YAMAMOTOProfessor, Faculty of Sports and Health Studies of Hosei University Former NHK announcer and commentator
Mari ChristineInter-cultural communications specialist and media personality
Fuyuko MATSUIArtist

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