Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay torchbearer uniforms

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Based on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay concept ‘Hope Lights Our Way’, great importance is being placed on delivering an outstanding Japanese-style Torch Relay with a seamless continuity to the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Design concept

The Olympic flame used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay connects the ancient Olympic Games to the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The path of hope weaved by each Torchbearer is lit up by the Olympic flame and marks the way to the upcoming Games. This is expressed in the design which originates in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay symbol positioned in the centre of the chest and connects to the "Look of the Games" ichimatsu moyo chequered pattern featured prominently on the back.

The diagonal sash has its origins in ancient Japanese Shinto rituals and is customarily used for relays in Japan. Along with introducing an element of Japanese tradition, the design incorporates respect for the Torch Relay and hopes for the success of the Games.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Uniforms

Design director

Daisuke Obana

Obana started his career in the used clothing business as a shop manager and buyer, before establishing his own brand, N. HOLLYWOOD. With the release of his collection in 2002, he took part in the Tokyo Collection and now shows his collection in New York. Obana's activities are not restricted to fashion. He collaborates on a wide variety of projects on a global scale. He has a reputation for creating new values while respecting the traditions and values of the past.

OTR_uniform (2)
OTR_uniform (2)

Considerations about sustainability

Thanks to the efforts of the Coca-Cola System in Japan, Limited, the uniform worn by the torchbearers during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay uses material made from recycled plastic bottles collected by Coca-Cola.

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