As it happened, Orleans Masters 2021, Day 2: Nehwal advances, Kashyap, Prannoy crash out

Top seeds Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth enjoy quality time. Catch all the highlights from Day 2 of Orleans Masters 2021.

By Aarish Ansari

12:03 AM - Mixed day for Indian shuttlers

The second day of 2021 Orleans Master was an eventful one for the Indians, with a few outright wins as well as some shock defeats.

The day started on a positive note as Olympic medallist Saina Nehwal sailed past Ireland’s Rachael Darragh in just 21 minutes.

The men’s top-seed Kidambi Srikanth, after getting a walkover in the first round, overcame fellow Indian Ajay Jayaram 21-15, 21-10 to move to the next stage.

India’s 100 per cent win record on Day 2 continued with the mixed doubles pair of Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy beating the Austrian duo of Dominic Stipsits and Serena Au Yeong, followed by Ira Sharma’s triumph over LeOnice Huet of France.

However, Parupalli Kashyap and HS Prannoy were knocked out in the second round. Kashyap fell to Frenchman Toma Junior Popov while Prannoy was stunned by his 21-year-old compatriot Kiran George.

Two-time Olympian Ashwini Ponnappa was through to the next round in the women’s doubles as well as mixed doubles, with N Sikki Reddy and Dhruv Kapila, respectively.

While the young Chirag Sen came out triumphant, Rahul Bharadwaj was knocked out in the men’s singles.

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11:32 PM - Ponnappa-Reddy advance

An intense deciding game saw both teams going all out for every point. After trading points throughout the second half, the teams were locked out at 19-all.

However, Ponnappa and Reddy earned two points on the trot and won the final game.

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 21-9, 17-21, 21-19 Magelund/Ravn

11:20 PM - Indian women race ahead

After a tightly-contested opening half of the third game, Ponnappa and Reddy were able to form a narrow one-point lead heading into the break.

Reddy was fierce with her smashes, making the opponents move throughout the court.

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 21-9, 17-21, 11-10 Magelund/Ravn

11:10 PM - Ponnappa-Reddy go into decider

The Indian women lost the second game even after staging a comeback after the break. Ponappa and Reddy claimed 10 points after the interval but gave away a few, which were enough to lose the game and head into the decider

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 21-9, 17-21 Magelund/Ravn

10:59 PM - Ponnappa-Reddy down

The Danes made a strong return in the second game and the lack of coordination between Ponappa and Reddy only made it easier for Magelund and Ravn.

The Indian pair is down by fourpoints at the mid-game break.

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 21-9, 7-11 Magelund/Ravn

10:52 PM - Garaga-Panjala move through

In the men’s doubles, Krishna Prasad Garagaand Vishnu Vardhan Goud Panjalaadvanced to the next round after a dominating victory over the Indonesian pair of Abiyyu Fauzan Majiand Habib Alfariz.

Score: Garaga/Panjala 21-10, 21-17 Maji, Alfariz

10:50 PM - Indian women in command

Ponnappa and Reddy claim the first game with ease. The Danish opponents could not keep up with the powerful smashes from the baseline by Ashwini Ponnappa.

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 21-9 Magelund/Ravn

10:45 PM - Ponnappa/Reddy take control

The women’s pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy made an attacking start to their match against Amalie Magelundand Freja Ravn *of *Denmark.

The Indian team’s aggressive approach gave them a five-point lead going into the break.

Score: Ponnappa/Reddy 11-6 Magelund/Ravn

10:21 PM - Kapila/Arjun pass English test

The men’s doubles team of MR Arjun and Dhruv Kapila got off to a flying start against England’s Matthew Clare and Ethan Van Leeuwen, leading the opening game 7-0 and winning it 21-14.

The Englishmen put up a much-improved performance in the second game as the Indians had a slender 11-10 lead by the mid-game break.

However, Arjun and Kapila raced ahead after the break to win the game and match.

Score: Arjun/Kapila 21-14, 21-16 Clare/Leeuwen

9:51 PM - Agna/Roy bow out

The Indian pair of Anto Agnaand Ashna Roycould not put up a challenge against the Indonesian duo of Yulfira Barkah *and *Febby Valencia Dwijayanti Gani.

The Indonesians dominated the match from the get go, making the Indians work hard for every point and eventually won the fixture in 24 minutes.

Score: Agna/Roy 9-21, 13-21 Barkah/Gani

8:30 PM - Chirag advances

The 101-ranked Chirag Sen defeated world No. 79 Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo in straight games after leading through the entire match.

Chirag took an early lead in the first game and never looked back from there. Smashing his way through, the Indian won the two games by eight and nine points each.

Score: Chirag 21-13, 21-12 Wardoyo

6:38 PM - Ponnappa, Kapila triumph

Dhruv Kapila and two-time Olympian Ashwini Ponnappa were in romping form in the second round too. A blend of intense plays and impeccable teamwork saw them defeat Iliyan Stoynov and Hristomira Popovska of Bulgaria in straight games.

Score: Kapila/Ponnappa 21-8, 21-12 Stoynov/Popovska

6:35 PM - Kashyap ousted

Parupalli Kashyap faced another early exit after falling to local player Toma Junior Popov in the second round. The Indian could not gain his composure after the big first-game loss and gifted points to the opponent with shots that went out of bounds.

Score: Kashyap 7-21, 17-21 Popov

6:25 PM - Ponnappa, Kapila lead

In the mixed doubles, the Indian pair of Dhruv Kapila and Ashwini Ponnappa proved too good against the Bulgarian duo of Iliyan Stoynov and Hristomira Popovska. The Indians won the opening game without breaking a sweat.

Score: Kapila/Ponnappa 21-8 Stoynov/Popovska

6:24 PM - Kashyap struggling

After losing the first game, Paruppalli Kashyap put up a much-improved showing in the second.

Popov was still the better shuttler but only one point separated the two at the mid-game break.

Score: Kashyap 7-21, 10-11 Popov

6:18 PM - Early exit for Prannoy

An intense final game saw both Indians going all out. With scores tied at 16-all, Prannoy and Kiran George went toe-to-toe till the very end.

Kiran George saved a match point and won two more on the trot to cause another upset and move to the next round.

Score: Prannoy 21-13, 16-21, 21-23 George

6:15 PM - Kashyap trails

Parupalli Kashyap could not recover from the early jitters of the first game as Popov takes the first game with ease.

Score: Kashyap 7-21 Popov

6:07 PM - Kashyap in action

Parupalli Kashyap was down at the mid-game break of the first game against Frenchman Toma Junior Popov. He needs to find his groove soon to stop the match from slipping away.

Score: Kashyap 4-11 Popov

6:04 PM - Prannoy ups his game

Both shuttlers increased their intensity in the third game and traded points throughout. Prannoy, however, has a lead going into the break.

Score: Prannoy 21-13, 16-21, 11-6 George

5:57 - George makes it 1-1

A very different game for both the players. It was Prannoy’s uncontrolled shots that gave away plenty of points to Kiran George in the second game.

But Prannoy was able to come back from 13-6 to 19-16 but George held his nerves to win the second game and move to the decider.

Score: Prannoy 21-13, 16-21 George

5:44 PM - George makes Prannoy sweat

Kiran George was much more aggressive in the second game and enjoyed a lead throughout the first half. Prannoy made a few errors close to the net which helped George take a lead going into the mid-game break.

Score: Prannoy 21-13, 6-11 George

5:36 PM - Prannoy in command

Prannoy H.S made little work of Kiran George in the first game, winning it by a 12-point margin.

Kiran George looked nothing like the player who caused an upset in the previous round.

Score: Prannoy 21-13 George

5:35 PM Bharadwaj crashes out

B.M Rahul Bharadwaj staged a fightback after trailing in the first half of the opening game against Denmark’s Ditlev Jaeger Holm. However, it wasn’t enough to prevent the loss.

Bharadwaj saved three match points in the second game but it was too little, too late to turn the game around.

Score: Bharadwaj 15-21, 19-21 Holm

5:25 PM - Prannoy romping ahead

Prannoy H.S. came out all guns blazing in the opening game, giving Kiran George minimal opportunities to pick up points. At the break, the higher-ranked Indian enjoys a nine-point lead.

Score: Prannoy 11-2 George

5:19 PM - Prannoy to face Kiran

In an all-Indian contest, Prannoy H.S. will be taking on Kiran George, who defated world No. 29 Mark Caljouw in the first round of the tournament.

Players are warming up on Court 4.

5:00 PM - Srikanth wins with ease

After taking the lead at the break, Srikanth continued his momentum to extend the gap in points. Jayaram could not match up to the cross-court smashes of the top-seeded Indian and struggled throughout the game.

Srikanth wins the game comfortably in 25 minutes and goes through to the third round.

Score: Srikanth 21-15, 21-10 Jayaram

4:52 PM - Jayaram losing steam

Kidambi Srikanth started off strongly this time, fending off the challenge from Ajay Jayaram. A one-sided affair in the first half of the second game saw Kidambi Srikanth take a comfortable lead.

Score: Srikanth 21-15, 11-4 Jayaram

4:47 PM - Srikanth takes opener

A tight first game saw a continuous exchange of points, with both players giving it their all in every shot. However, Srikanth was able to race ahead after 14-14 to win the first game.

Score: Srikanth 21-15 Jayaram

4:38 PM - Jayaram leads

Kidambi Srikanth started off slow, winning just one point from the first five but rallied back to grab a few more. Jayaram, however, came out as the stronger Indian with a narrow lead at the mid-game break.

Score: Srikanth 11-9 Jayaram

4:30 PM - Kidambi Srikanth up next

Title favourite Kidambi Srikanth will now start his campaign against countryman Ajay Jayaram.

Srikanth got a bye in the first round while Jayaram came back from a game down against countryman Alap Mishra in his opening clash.

An exciting match on the cards.

3:06 PM - Ira Sharma makes a comeback

Ira Sharma moved to the second round of the tournament after upsetting the higher-ranked Leonice Huet of France.

Although Ira Sharma posed no threat to the French shuttler in the first game, she put up a much-improved effort in the second game to force the match into the decider.

The Indian picked up vital points through solid baseline smashes in the final game but the more experienced Leonice Huet regained her composure to reach 19-17.

However, Ira Sharma won two quick points to come out victorious.

Score: Ira Sharma 12-21, 21-14, 21-17 Leonice Huet

2:37 PM - Chopra and Reddy through

The mixed doubles pair of Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy conquered the first game against the Austrian duo of Dominic Stipsits and Serena Au Yeong with a nine-point lead at the mid-game break. The Indians continued the domination to win the opening game in eight minutes.

Although the Indian mixed doubles pair was made to stretch in the second game and even lost the lead at one stage, they did enough to win the game and, with it, the match.

Score: Chopra/Reddy 21-7, 21-18 Stipsits/Yeong

1:55 PM - Saina sails through

Ranked 141 places higher than her Irish opponent, Saina Nehwal proved to be too good for Rachael Darragh.

Saina Nehwal broke no sweat to take the second game 21-5 and won the match in just 20 minutes.

Score: Saina 21-9, 21-5 Rachael

1:50 PM - Saina continues assault

Saina Nehwal drained her opponent with an array of shots to take an easy lead in the second game.

Score: Saina 21-9, 11- 2 Rachael

1:44 PM - Saina too strong

Saina Nehwal continued the domination after the break and the unforced errors from Rachael Darragh only helped the Indian’s cause.

Darragh did manage to win a few points reaching 19-9 but Saina Nehwal won a long rally for the penultimate point and took the game with ease.

Score: Saina 21-9 Rachael

1:38 PM - Saina leads

Saina Nehwal got into the groove early in the opening game taking a comfortable 8-3 lead. The Indian, however, committed a few errors before the break but still led comfortably.

Score: Saina 11-4 Rachael

1:25 PM - Saina Nehwal back from injury

It was a tough exit for Saina Nehwal from the All England Open last week, where she had to retire mid-way through her first-round match after a thigh strain. She made a timely recovery to play at the Orleans Masters, where she could earn some useful ranking points for the Tokyo Olympics.

Can she upstage Rachael Darragh?

12:50 PM - Indian badminton players in action today

Women’s singles

Saina Nehwal vs Rachael Darragh (Ireland)

Ira Sharma vs Leonice Huet (France)

Men’s singles

Kidambi Srikanth vs Ajay Jayaram

Parupalli Kashyap vs Toma Junior Popov (France)

B.M Rahul Bharadwaj vs Ditlev Jaeger Holm (Denmark)

Prannoy H.S. vs Kiran George

Chirag Sen vs Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo (Indonesia)

Mithun Manjunath vs Kai Schaefer (Germany)

Women’s doubles

Ashwini Ponnappa /N Sikki Reddy vs Amalie Magelund/Freja Ravn (Denmark)

Anto Agna/Ashna Roy vs Yulfira Barkah/Febby Valencia Dwijayanti Gani (Indonesia)

Men’s doubles

M.R. Arjun/Dhruv Kapila vs Matthew Clare/Ethan Van Leeuwen (England)

Krishna Prasad Garaga/Vishnu Vardhan Goud Panjala vs Abiyyu Fauzan Maji/Habib Alfariz (Indonesia)

Mixed doubles

Pranaav Jerry Chopra/N Sikki Reddy vs Dominic Stipsits/Serena Au Yeong (Austria)

Dhruv Kapila/Ashwini Ponnappa vs Iliyan Stoynov/Hristomira Popovska (Bulgaria)

12:30 PM - Busy day for Indian shuttlers

The second day of the Orleans Masters 2021 will be a busy one for the Indian contingent, with as many as 14 matches featuring Indian shuttlers in the schedule.

The two biggest fixtures of Day 2 will feature India’s top players, Kidambi Srikanth and Saina Nehwal in the men’s and women’s singles, respectively.

Olympic medallist Saina Nehwal takes the court first, starting her campaign against Ireland’s Rachael Darragh while men’s top seed and former world No. 1 Kidambi Srikanth will take on fellow Indian Ajay Jayaram, who fought off a challenge from Alap Mishra in the first round.

The seventh seed in the men’s singles, Prannoy H.S will be up against the high-flying Indian youngster Kiran George, followed by Parupalli Kashyap facing local shuttler Toma Junior Popov.

In the women’s doubles, two-time Olympian Ashwini Ponnappa teams up with N Sikki Reddy to take on the Danish duo of Amalie Magelund and Freja Ravn.