Olympic medallist Rayssa Leal steals show at SLS Salt Lake City

Brazil's Tokyo 2020 silver medallist clinches victory at the SLS Tour opener in Utah, with Portugal's Gustavo Ribeiro claiming his first SLS triumph in the men's event.

Picture by 2021 Getty Images

Brazil are celebrating more success in street skateboarding after Rayssa Leal stole the show to win the women's final at the SLS Championship Tour 2021 season opener in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The 13-year-old Tokyo 2020 silver medallist laid down a Kickflip Front Board in her sixth and last tricks attempt in the Final to win in front of a raucous Brazilian presence in the American city.

She needed a score of 8.3 to overtake both NAKAYAMA Funa (20.7 points) and Roos Zwetsloot (19.6), and she nailed the trick, running off in celebration after landing it cleanly with a score of 8.5 for a total of 21.0.

Portugal's Gustavo Ribeiro, who finished eighth in the men's street final at Tokyo 2020, clinched the men's event for his first career victory on the SLS Tour.

The 2019 world bronze medallist put down a 360 Flip Frontside Boardslide for a 9.0, a Nosegrind to Nollie Kickflip for a 9.2, and a 360 Flip Noseblunt on his final attempt for an incredible 9.4 to total 27.6 points, beating out Nyjah Huston into second.

Alex Midler finished third.