Olympic Daily News: 8 July 2020

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By Scott Bregman

Happy birthday, Paris!

The city of lights and 2024 Olympic host celebrated its 2,000th on this day in 1951 with fireworks illuminating some of the cities most well-known attractions, including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

There’s sure to be more fireworks in just 1,485 days when the Games open in France's capital.

Fireworks are ignited as 'Paris' is projected onto the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees on December 31, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Ausset-Lacroix/Getty Images)

Shaunae Miller-Uibo targets 200m gold in Tokyo

Reigning 400m Olympic champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo of the Bahamas says she’ll likely focus on the 200m race at Tokyo 2020.

“As it is now, the schedule isn’t set up for me to do two events, so I would have to choose one event and we’re leaning more toward the 200 meters seeing that we already have the 400 metres title,” she told the Nassau Guardian.

“We wanted to do both – I wanted to go after the 200 meters title and also wanted to defend my 400 meters title,” she continued, “but the way the schedule is set up, it would be difficult to do both.”

Miller-Uibo won gold at Rio 2016 after that dive across the finish line and is the reigning World silver medallist in the 400m event. She took bronze in the 200m race at the 2017 World Championships in London.

Japanese Gymnastics Federation announces plans for All Japan Senior Championships

One of the first post-coronavirus lockdown gymnastics competitions could be September’s All Japan Senior Masters Gymnastics Championships. The event is currently scheduled for 20-22 September in Takasaki.

Tuesday, the Japanese Gymnastics Federation announced protocols for hosting the event which include masks for tournament officials, athletes, managers, coaches, judges and fans. The arena will only be filled to 50% capacity and everyone entering will undergo a temperature check.

The event is expected to include 488 athletes, including two-time Olympic all-around champion Uchimura Kohei and Olympic team champions Shirai Kenzo, Tanaka Yusuke and Kato Ryohei in the men’s field. 2017 World floor exercise champion Mai Murakami leads the women.

Tennis world No. 2 Simona Halep: “This period helped me believe I have a few more years ahead."

2012 Olympian and former No. 1-ranked tennis player Simona Halep says her two month break from the sport during a coronavirus-induced break has given her new belief in a longer career.

“This period helped me believe I have a few more years ahead,” Halep, currently the second-ranked player in the world, told BBC Sport.

Though the Romanian says she’s “hungry again” that she wants to travel and play tennis, she remains uncertain if she will participate in August’s U.S. Open.

"I have no idea at the moment because nobody knows what is going to happen after this month,” said Halep. "I will wait to see what is being decided, see what the other players will do."

Welcome to the world, Ruby Elizabeth Pearson

2012 Olympic 100m hurdles champion Sally Pearson and her husband Kieran welcomed their daughter Ruby Elizabeth Pearson to the world today – and we send them our warmest congratulations!


Yesterday, we asked in what year was the first Olympic Opening Ceremony? That honor belongs to 1908 and the first of three times London held the Games.

Here’s today’s question.

Which tennis star won a ‘Golden Slam’ by winning all four majors and the Olympic gold medal in the same season?

  1. Steffi Graf

  2. Andre Agassi

  3. Serena Williams

  4. Roger Federer