Olympic Daily News: 5 July 2020

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By Ken Browne

Phone, bag, keys, and time to g... aaahhh... go back inside because you forgot your mask.

Sound familiar?

Face masks have become a part of everyday life and have now become the latest hot item fashion statement too.

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has designed a 'Panda Mask' that you'll never want to forget.

"I am excited to share with you all that my sister and I have teamed up to design this limited edition mask," she writes on Instagram, but there's more to this than just a sweet look with the proceeds going to UNICEF’s COVID-19 relief efforts.


Neymar pays tribute to a legend

While Naomi Osaka is designing the future of face furniture, Brazilian football megastar Neymar is remembering heroes of the past.

Luciano do Valle, the iconic voice of Brazilian football, passed away in 2014, but his legend lives on.

Yesterday would have been sportscaster Do Valle's birthday and Neymar celebrated him by posting this message along with one of his favourite goals featuring the great man's commentary.

The feeling must have been mutual as Neymar generates more than his fair share of excitement on the football field.

Daria Klishina's PMA

And from Neymar's positive message to long jumper Daria Klishina's positive mindset.

Positive Mental Attitude is more important now than ever, here's how long jumper Daria Klishina stays inspired and optimistic:

"I consider myself to be a positive and optimistic person - even in most challenging and unpleasant situations. It's one of my driving forces."

The Russian then lays out the things she does to stay upbeat and avoid negative thoughts.

And it's hard not to be upbeat with this little guy around.

Meet Romeo, Daria's close friend and confidant.

Take it easy with Usain Bolt

While we're on the subject of staying positive, Usain Bolt, Mr. Positive, shows perfect timing again with this post.

"Don't take life too seriously as nobody makes it out alive." - Usain Bolt

Andy Murray's mum makes us laugh

Bolt would be given a run for his money by Judy Murray if making people laugh was an Olympic sport.

She's been to a nice Italian sounding cafe Bacchialdi's in Airdrie, Scotland, which just happens to be at the back of the supermarket Aldi.

Now say the name of the cafe in a Scottish accent...


Yesterday we asked about an incredible moment in Olympic history, when at the 1936 Berlin Games two Japanese pole-vaulters tied for second place, jumping exactly the same height. So what happened next?

The answer was No.4: they cut the silver and bronze medals in half and fused the two different halves together so that each athlete received a half-silver and half-bronze medal!


Today's brain bender is deep:

Which great philosopher won two Olympic gold medals in the discipline of pankration - a form of no-holds barred wrestling and fighting?

  1. Aristotle
  2. Plato
  3. Socrates
  4. Pythagoras

Don't know? Guess before you Google! And get your answer to us here in all the places: @Olympicchannel