Olympic Daily News: 27 September 2020

Get your daily update of Olympic news: Trivia, trends, and talking points on more LeBron James greatness, Evander Holyfield, Mary Kom, and a painting of Usain Bolt with his baby girl that will make you melt

By Ken Browne

What better way to start a Sunday than Evander Holyfield dancing in a pool?

Looking good Evander!

Holyfield won an Olympic bronze medal at LA 1984 before going on to become undisputed heavyweight and cruiserweight champion of the world.

His bronze medal at the LA 1984 Olympics was an explosion of controversy, in the semi-finals he knocked out New Zealander Kevin Barry, but the official - Yugoslav Gligorije Novičić - disqualified Holyfield for a late hit, saying he had told him to break prior to the punch.

The USA crowd went crazy, and Novičić had to receive a police escort to exit the arena. Barry had won, but could not fight in the finals because he had been knocked out and amateur rules prohibited a knocked out boxer from fighting for 28 days.

Holyfield did an interview with Wladimir Klitschko recently for Olympic Channel and said "I was able to forgive the referee for making a bad call, and to move on."

When he received his bronze medal the crowd went crazy again, and the gold medallist had Holyfield step up onto the top step of the podium, raising his hand. Watch below.

Mary Kom: "I'm still targeting the Olympics"

While we're on boxing, Indian slugger and Member of Parliament Mary Kom is staying fighting fit and focused on Tokyo 2020.

A bronze medal at London 2012 whetted Kom's Olympic appetite and at 37 she isn't slowing down, in fact she's taking on more than ever.

"I’m still targeting Tokyo Olympics… once this is all over," the Rajya Sabha MP told the Indian Express.

Qualified for the Tokyo Games after victory over Irish Magno of Philippines in March 2020 - a lifetime ago - Kom is training hard at home and keeping her eyes on the prize.

"I train twice a day; morning and evening," she says, "I do more household work than before. I cook, clean, and spend as much time possible with my children. I have also been participating in online projects, webinars and video shootings."

"I also attended the Monsoon Session of Parliament." Mother, MP, and repeat Olympic medallist at Tokyo 2020 in 2021?

Don't doubt it's possible.

King James hailed on historic night

The Lakers are in the NBA finals and it's all about Bronny.

Social media is a sea of stats after the Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets 117-107 to win the Western Conference series 4-1 and make the finals.

35-year-old LeBron James has now made the NBA finals 10 times: more than the 76ers and the Knicks, and only the Lakers, Celtics and Warriors have made more.

James posted 38 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists to end the Nuggets' dreams of a third comeback from 3-1 down in a series in 2020.


Inevitably, the great debate of who's the greatest ever was reopened again last night, James adding to the arsenal of those who say it's him.

Asked about Kobe in the aftermath, this is what he said:

“Every time you put on Purple and Gold, you think about his legacy and what he meant to this franchise for 20-plus years … just that drive to always want to be victorious. It stops you from sleeping."

Olympic King

We just can't wait to see LeBron at another Olympics and see can he add to that Olympic swag bag of two gold and one bronze medal.

Usain Bolt - Fatherhood

And from one great father to another, Usain Bolt has just posted this artwork of himself and his baby girl Olympia Lightning Bolt.

And melt.

Surfing at the Olympics

From Usain Bolt's new love to a new sport at the Olympics, join Moroccan Surfer, Ramzi Boukhiam, as he speaks to Olympic Channel's Tom and Sam to discuss surfing’s inclusion at Tokyo 2020, his qualifying journey and how his “go with the flow” mentality has helped him through 2020.

No drama llamas

Usually you get a dog of the day here, but these llamas at the cycling world champs in Imola, Italy, simply cannot not be overlooked.

Men's Road Race World Championships 2020

We saw a thrilling finish to the women's road race yesterday as Olympic champ Anna van der Breggen completed a historic double, and it's the men's turn today, with Roglic pitted against compatriot Pogacar after that Tour de France win.

And look who's there to watch.

Stay tuned to Olympic Channel for all the results and analysis later today.

Time for Trivia

And saving the best for last as always, here's today's trivia.

First the answer to yesterday's question: We asked who was Rafa Nadal's doubles partner when they won gold at Rio 2016.

And the answer is Marc Lopez.

Today let's take it back to Los Angeles 1984 where we already talked about Evander Holyfield, he won bronze at the Games in the light heavyweight category, being disqualified controversially in the semi-finals, but who was awarded the gold medal?

  1. Anton Josipović (Yugoslavia)
  2. Kevin Barry (New Zealand)
  3. Mustapha Moussa (Algeria)