Olympic Daily News: 26 July 2020

Your daily update of Olympic news, including a De Coubertin drawing up for auction, a women's basketball world record and the return of LeBron James.

By Andrew Binner

An original drawing of the Olympic flag, sketched by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, is set to go on auction today in Cannes.

The founder of the modern Olympics introduced the five interlocking rings in the August 1913 edition of Olympic Review, before the new Olympic symbol was officially unveiled one year later.

Cannes Encheres have put a reserve of €50,000 ($58,280) on the 21x27.5cm item, which de Coubertin autographed. Its estimated bidding could reach up to €100,000 ($116,560).

Among the other sport memorabilia going on auction in Cannes were the shoes of Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt ,and the cycling jerseys of Eddy Merckx and Christopher Froome.

Women’s Basketball Mile World Record broken!

Who said sporting world records can’t happen in isolation?

Certainly not Sydney Masciarelli, the American three-time national champion athlete and talented basketball player who has broken the world record for the fastest mile run while dribbling a basketball.

The high school student clocked 05:08:57 and like a true champion, challenged all-comers to beat her mark afterwards.

"It was a little bit harder than it looked, but it's my first time doing it," she said. "Hopefully, if someone else wants to challenge me to it and they get a better time, I can come back and try and take it back again."

LeBron James is back!

It may only be the scrimmage (unofficial matches), but with the NBA season starting on July 30, LA Lakers fans will be very pleased with what they saw in their 119-112 victory over Orlando Magic.

Despite the four-month break, LeBron James was in red-hot form, supplementing Kyle Kuzma's game-high 25 points with 20 of his own, and an additional seven assists and two rebounds.

A fittingly magical display, at the Walt Disney World arena!

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Test your knowledge

Yesterday's question was: The first 12 ancient Olympics featured only one event. What was it?

The answer is a sprinting race on foot, from one end of the 'stadion' to the other - an approximate distance of 200m.

Today we are asking:

What country has the longest winning streak in a single event?

  1. United States in pole vault
  2. Soviet Union in weightlifting
  3. Kenya in marathon running
  4. China in diving

We'll have the answer tomorrow.