Olympic Daily News: 22 July 2020

Get your daily update of Olympic news: Trivia, trends, and talking points – Nishikori's motivation and Serena Williams' new women's soccer team

By ZK Goh

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The fifth modern Olympic Games, held in the Swedish capital Stockholm in 1912, officially closed on this day 108 years ago.

It was the first year women's swimming was held at an Olympics.

Nishikori motivated by playing for Japan

Speaking to the Tokyo 2020 Games website, Japan's Rio 2016 tennis bronze medallist Nishikori Kei says he is motivated when he represents his country, compared to playing as a singles athlete on the ATP Tour.

When Nishikori beat Rafael Nadal in the bronze medal match in Rio, he won Japan's first tennis medal since 1920.

"I had a fervent wish to deliver at least some kind of good news to Japan, which served as added motivation to win and helped me bring out my best," he said.

Nishikori also shared that he had been to watch countryman Harimoto Tomokazu play a table tennis match.

"The shots were so fast; I felt like walking up closer to watch the match."

Moscow 1980 mascot's creator has died

Some sad news from Russia, where Victor Chizhikov, who created Moscow 1980 mascot Misha the Bear, has died aged 84 in the week of the 40th anniversary of the Games.

Chizhikov was an illustrator of children's books. His publisher announced the news on social media on Monday.

The statement read: "It's symbolic that the artist has left us as many of us are remembering the 1980 Olympics.

"The image of the Olympic bear once created by Victor Alexandrovich (Chizhikov) has touched the hearts of millions."

Serena Williams and Abby Wambach among investors in new women's soccer team

Serena Williams, Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm are among the investors in the U.S. National Women's Soccer League's latest expansion team in Los Angeles.

Wambach and Hamm, both Olympic champions and winners of the FIFA Women's World Cup, are among more than 12 former U.S. internationals with a stake in the new club, which is being called "Angel City" for now before a final team name is decided on.

The ownership group reportedly consulted members of the current U.S. Women's National Team, who are pursuing a case against the United States Soccer Federation for equal pay as the men's national team, before approaching the NWSL.

Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian and their young two-year-old daughter Olympia are also listed as part of the group.

Test your knowledge

Yesterday's question was: Equestrian events at the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games were held in Europe due to horse quarantine laws. Which city hosted them?

The correct answer was Stockholm, Sweden, which hosted the equestrian events in June – five months before Melbourne hosted the rest of the Games in November.

Today's teaser is as follows:

What was the first Games at which National Hockey League players took part in ice hockey at the Olympics?

  1. Lillehammer 1994
  2. Nagano 1998
  3. Salt Lake City 2002
  4. Torino 2006

We'll have the answer tomorrow.