Olympic Daily News: 18 July 2020

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By Olympic Channel

Inspire change today... on Mandela Day!

On 18 July - which was Nelson Mandela’s birthday - the world celebrates the inspiring life and achievements of the former South Africa President.

This year, as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt by communities globally, his messages of hope, unity and to help the vulnerable have never been more apt.

The man himself attended the Barcelona 1992 Games, playing a positive role for sport and the Olympic Movement as South Africa returned to the Olympics.

Remembering Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10

Speaking of anniversaries, on this day 44 years ago Romania’s Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in gymnastics.

The sight of the then diminutive 14-year-old standing next to a digital scoreboard at the Montreal 1976 Olympics, showing a mark of 1.00 is one of the most iconic Olympic images of all time.

As nobody had ever been expected to score 10/10, the scoring system wasn't able to display her full marks!

Comaneci went on to win three gold medals at the event, and another two at the Moscow 1980 Games.

She's now ushering a new generation of gymnastics talent back home as a coach, and you can find out more about her story - including that incredible performance - in her Legends Live On episode below.

“I look back and think it’s great that my parents signed me up for gymnastics because otherwise I would have just wasted all that time in just being too normal,” she admitted.

Jorge Fonseca beats COVID!

Portugese judoka Jorge Fonseca has come out on top in his latest health battle.

The 100kg world champion was diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus on June 24, but yesterday produced a negative result.

The good news means that he is now safe to come out of quarantine, and plans to resume judo training.

“Now I also want to enjoy and be able to train with the judokas of the Brazilian team that will arrive in Portugal and have a great level. Not only will they allow me to prepare well, but also to evolve because they are great athletes,” he told Abola.

Fonseca had previously beaten cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

Jorge Fonseca won the 100kg world title in 2019.

Trivia teaser

Yesterday, we asked: In which city did Michael Phelps, 23-time Olympic champion, first swim at the Games?

If you said Sydney, you are correct.

Today's question is this:

Which nation has won the most fencing medals in Olympic history? Is it:

  1. Russia;
  2. Italy;
  3. France;
  4. Hungary?

As always, you can post your answers on our social media: @OlympicChannel on twitter, facebook, instagram, and more.