Olympic Daily News: 12 July 2020

Get your daily update of Olympic news: Trivia, trends, and talking points: How to remove your beach towel from a snake and all the latest on Manny Pacquaio, Hanyu Yuzuru, Usain Bolt and more.

By Ken Browne

You know when you're enjoying a Sunday at the beach, walking back happy and invigorated after a swim only to find that a snake has swallowed your towel?

I know, annoying.

But don't fret, it can be recovered, as this video proves.

Manny Pacquiao's son got game

When it comes to towels, this family needs a lot of them.

Manny Pacquiao is the only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing and arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter the world has ever seen, but is his son next in line for Filipino stardom?

Emmanuel Pacquiao is seen here in training with some serious hand speed and foot skills.

Wonder where he got those from. 🤔

Manny Pacquiao trains wife

But it isn't just Emmanuel, one of Manny's five kids, working out in the gym.

Pacman, now a Senator in the Philippines, has put his wife through her paces too, and it seems he may have a future as a coach ahead of him.

"Manny Pacquiao best trainer in the world, and best fighter in the world," says his wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

There's plenty of fight left in this family.

If you love a good boxing story, don't miss this brilliant documentary on Cuban great Teofilo Stevenson.

It's free to air in full right now, just hit play below. It'll knock you out.

Hanyu takes a bow

Speed and sparkling footwork aren't confined to the Pacquiao family though, figure skating can go toe-to-toe with boxing for those skills any day of the week.

Yesterday brought the ISU Skating Awards 2020 and we love this compilation video of all the reactions.

Hanyu Yuzuru was named Most Valuable Skater and his reaction said everything about him: Simple, humble, classy, elegant.

What else did we learn from yesterday's awards? Have a read here.

Usain Bolt dotes on daughter Olympia Lightning

"I got spit up on a few times already but it's cool," says new dad Usain Bolt when he's asked about fatherhood in an interview he did with Variety.

The 8-time Olympic gold medallist says the adjustment is taking time, but he's getting there.

“I got sick the first week because I was scared to fall asleep,” he said.

“So I stayed up at night just watching her because I’m a heavy sleeper. But I’ve learned that I’m going to wake. I’m going to get up no matter what. I’m getting better, and I’m learning.”

"The first week I was scared to fall asleep" - Usain Bolt

"I get to take my daughter next year" - Bolt on Tokyo

Bolt was disappointed by the Tokyo Olympics postponement, "I was looking forward to it because this was the first time I'm actually going to go and to watch, so I was excited to go and see all the different events," he said.

But Usain is taking the positives: “The only good thing about is that I actually get to take my daughter next year if the world gets back,” he said. “One of my moments is to have my first born just to walk on the track with me. That’s something that I always thought about.”

But he isn't going to put too much pressure on Olympia Lightning, and revealed that it was his girlfriend Kai Bennett who picked the name.

“My girlfriend, I told her, I think you’re putting a little bit of pressure on her to name her Olympia,” he laughs, “but, we’ll see, I’m not going to force her to do anything... Running is hard!”

Bolt with LeBron, Tom Brady, and Shaun White

Bolt also says that he stays in touch regularly with track stars like South Africa's reigning 400m Olympic champ and world record holder Wayde Van Niekerk, and reveals that he's an American football fan, the Green Bay Packers are his NFL team.

"We're not looking so good," he says about the Packers, "we didn't get any wide receivers this season, so let's see how it goes."

The big man has been staying in shape in retirement, recently he's taken up road cycling with friends, upping the kms every week.

“I have a newfound respect for cyclists because you see the Tour de France, they make it look easy. It’s not,” Bolt says.

He was speaking as part of a promotion for a series that he's doing with other sporting greats like LeBron James, Alex Morgan, Tom Brady and Shaun White.

Door open for an Usain Bolt Tokyo comeback?

The Jamaican megastar will be in Tokyo in some capacity, but what chance is there of an explosive comeback?

"I don't miss training but I miss being on the track in front of the crowd," he says, but is keeping his distance for now:

“My coach gets too excited when I come to the track, so I stay away.”

But Bolt hasn't slammed the door completely shut on a comeback altogether, he says that the one man who could coax him out of retirement is coach Glen Mills:

“If my coach came back and told me, let’s do this, I will, because I believe so much in my coach, so I know if he says we’re going to do this, I know it’s possible. Give Glen Mills a call, and I’ll be back.” (Laughs)

Meanwhile, he's just watching and enjoying it:

"For me now I just observe and appreciate the talent and just hope no-one breaks my world record." (Laughs again)

Angry dog of the day

And to bring back an old classic, here's a dog of the day.

Sports commentator Andrew Cotter has been entertaining us with his narrations of the antics of his two labradors Olive and Mabel during lockdown but a newspaper went and called them 'Maisie and Mabel'.

Olive was not pleased.


Yesterday we asked who holds the Olympic record long jump of 8.90m, which has stood for over five decades, and the answer is No.3 Bob Beamon, the record he set at Mexico 1968.

Here's today's brain boggler:

The longest wrestling match in Olympic history lasted for:

  1. 3 hours 20 minutes
  2. 11 hours 40 minutes
  3. 13 hours 13 minutes
  4. 7 hours 5 minutes

Guess before you Google! And join the conversation on @olympicchannel.