Olympic Channel What Moves Me: Olivia McTaggart - Changing perspective

Olivia McTaggart, New Zealand pole vaulter aiming for her first Olympics in Tokyo 2020, felt crushing disappointment when she broke her back after years of dedication to professional gymnastics and was told she would never compete in the sport again.

Picture by Getty Images

It’s safe to say that 2020 caught us all off guard, but as the world starts to open up, it’s time to get our head in the game and start planning those big dreams again. We caught up with Team Toyota athletes to find out what helped them to keep moving forwards through some of the hardest times in their careers in What Moves Me.

McTaggart is a big advocate for being different: “In this day and age, what is normal?” We can embrace and celebrate differences for their value and enrich perspectives by owning them and using them to our best advantage.

Olivia McTaggart’s advice is to own it, make the most of it and use it to your best advantage. In this episode, she shares the importance of taking a step back and having a positive mindset to allow yourself to discover new passions you may not have considered before.


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