Olympic Channel launches brand new series "Olympic State of Body"

New series focuses on science behind how top athletes prepare their bodies to perform at their peak.

By ZK Goh

Elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

Olympic Channel's brand new series presented by Bridgestone, Olympic State of Body, takes a scientific look at the top athletes and how they worked on getting to the top.

The series features science-based Olympic training facts and statistics that can inspire fans to build their own paths to success, no matter the conditions, just like their favourite Olympians.

All five episodes were shot remotely, with only minimal crew and as few people on site as possible. The episodes all feature Bridgestone athletes.

This series follows last year's Olympic State of Mind.

You can view all the episodes by clicking here.

Episode 1 features 2019 World Surf League champion Italo Ferreira of Brazil.

In the Portuguese-language episode, the 26-year-old discusses his cardio work, which is needed for the physical strength needed in riding the world's most difficult waves while staying balanced.

The second episode sees Olympic weightlifting champion Lydia Valentín talk about her training regime.

The Spaniard, who has won medals at three Olympics, has been at the top of her sport for nearly two decades.

She shares her bodybuilding and weights routine ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games, where she hopes to become Olympic champion for a second time.

The third episode revolves around Paralympic tennis champion Heath Davidson.

Australian Davidson was one half of the country's Rio 2016 men's doubles wheelchair tennis gold medallist pair.

The 33-year-old from Victoria relies on stretching and flexibility, which he explains in the episode has helped him in his speed of thought and his shot selection while he is on court.

Para-triathlete Hata Yukako is the star of Episode 4.

The Japanese lost a leg in childhood due to an infection, but took up swimming to increase her confidence.

Since then, she has gone on to become one of the world's best in para-triathlon.

In her episode, the focus is on endurance, one of the key skills needed in triathlon and para-triathlon to have success in all three segments.

And finally, Episode 5's main man is triple Olympic swimming champion Ryan Murphy.

Like a number of other swimmers, he suffers from asthma. Murphy shares the breathing techniques he relies on to help in in the pool.

The episodes can be viewed on Olympic Channel.