Meet Luna Solomon, the sport shooter aiming for Tokyo 2020 after "Taking Refuge"

The Eritrean-born athlete took up sport shooting after moving to Switzerland, training under Olympic champion Niccolo Campriani.

By ZK Goh

Luna Solomon never saw herself as a sport shooter.

The IOC Refugee Olympic Team hopeful grew up in Eritrea where the sport is not well known. However, she decided she had to leave her home, escaping to Switzerland.

"I left because there is no freedom there," she explained in a profile video for the Olympic Channel original series Taking Refuge, which follows refugee athletes training to become sport shooters under the guidance of Olympic champion Niccolo Campriani.

Solomon was one of the athletes selected by Campriani, along with Khaloua Sellami, an IOC Refugee Athlete Scholarship-holder.

Explaining her start in her new sport, Solomon said:

"The first time I participated in sport shooting was in Switzerland. Before that, I didn't know anything about sport shooting."

Over time, Solomon improved under Campriani's tutelage, to the point where she is in contention to make the Refuge Olympic Team.

She saw her training interrupted occasionally, including taking a hiatus from the Taking Refuge project as she fell pregnant and gave birth.

The one-year postponement of Tokyo 2020 due to the pandemic has given her an opportunity to catch up.

Asked to sum up her involvement with Campriani and the programme, she said: ""I would like to join Nicco to help other immigrants like me…

"[To] help them be brave through sport, like I was with sport shooting."