Medals for the Innsbruck 2012 Youth Olympic Games Unveiled!

Drum roll please... drrrrr: it is our honour to present to you the medals for the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck 2012!

Unveiled today by none other than Austrian Olympic downhill ski champion Fritz Strobl, a total of 372 medals will be hotly contested by 1,059 young athletes from 67 countries during the Games, which will run from 13 to 22 January.

As ever, wherever there are cameras you will find Yoggl, and our cheeky mascot was also there for the presentation of the medals, which are an impressive 70mm in diameter and weigh 110g.

The front design features the Olympic rings, a pattern of snowflakes and an olive branch as a nod to the ancient Olympic Games, while the back incorporates the awesome Innsbruck 2012 pixel design.

Good luck to all the young athletes hoping to get their hands on one of these precious prizes and to all their supporters.

Who will you be cheering for at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games?