Medals and Tokyo skate spots dished out in Des Moines

The 2021 Dew Tour skateboarding event (which doubles as a global Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifier) wrapped on Sunday with American men Zion Wright (park) and Nyjah Huston (street) bringing the house down while Brazil’s Pamela Rosa and YOSOZUMI Sakura ruled the women's side.

The finale of the 2021 Dew Tour Skateboarding event in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday made all the weekend's weather delays and halts worth enduring, as a quartet of likely future Olympic heroes scooped gold in style.

The much-awaited men’s street finals was won by – and no surprise here – Nyjah Huston. The five-time world champion and global skateboarding superstar put up some monster scores on the last day of action, proving that his stumbles the night before in the semifinal round were nothing more than aberrations.

“Every win means a lot and this one is extra special after the pandemic and not having contests,” said Huston, world number-one and a lock for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympic Games even with one more global qualifier in street still to come. “I just wanted to keep myself in first place and now thinking about the Olympics is just crazy.”

Behind Huston was HORIGOME Yuto (silver) and Frenchman Aurelien Giraud (bronze). Jamie Foy (USA) was just off the podium, but the 2017 Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year likely earned the points he needed to book a place in Tokyo with a qualifier to spare.

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The Wright Stuff

Zion Wright is another American with huge star appeal and he made the men’s park event his own this weekend after having to fight back from deep in the open qualifying group. He electrified the crowd in the men’s park final to earn gold in the event and, with the 60,000 ranking points that come with it, a place in Team USA for the upcoming inaugural Olympic skateboarding competition.

“Words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now,” said Wright, an accomplished street skater now taking over the park scene and catapulting from 41st in the world to the Tokyo Olympics in the space of three days in Des Moines. “I’ve been putting in a lot of work and I’ve really dedicated myself to my skating. I’m stoked and I wanted to leave no doubt here today.”

Wright edged out the impressive Swede Oskar Rozenberg (second) and 14-year-old USA teammate Gavin Rune Bottger (third) in a final competition where seven of the eight competitors were Americans.

Rosa runs riot in women’s street

The women’s street finals saw Pamela Rosa of Brazil dominate for the second straight day, finishing top of the standings after a pair of peerless runs. She was joined on the podium by her 13-year-old teammate Rayssa Leal (silver) and the Dutch bronze winner Roos Zwetsloot, who only just edged 28-year-old Brazilian icon Leticia Bufoni (fourth).

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“I’m so happy to be here. I love Iowa and the girls today we’re killing it,” said Rosa after the contest, which brought 60,000 ranking points toward her Olympic qualification. “I couldn’t be happier with the way Team Brazil is getting it done.”

Poe Pinson, the only American in the final eight after the elimination of Mariah Duran, Alexis Sablone and Samarria Brevard in the semis, finished in fifth.

Japan on song in women’s park

The women’s park finals were a celebration of youth as the average age of the eight finalists hovered around 16-years-old.

Japan’s YOSOZUMI Sakura – long assured of her place in the Summer Games in Tokyo according to the world rankings – pulled off a stunning 540 trick in her fourth and final run to seal her place at the top of the Dew Tour event podium, where she was joined by 12-year-old prodigy Sky Brown (Great Britain) in second and Japanese teammate KIRAKI Kokona in third.

“I’ve never done a five [540] in a contest so I was super happy to have landed it,” said Yosozumi, with Brown – of Japanese extraction and born in Japan – doing the translating. “I’ll try my best and I can’t be more excited about the Olympics.”

The top American finisher in the women’s park event was Bryce Wettstein (sixth) with Jordyn Barratt finishing last in eighth. Wettstein, Brighton Zeuner and Barratt will be the three Team USA women’s park skaters in Tokyo (subject to official confirmation from the IOC and World Skate).

The Dew Tour stop in Iowa was the final place to earn ranking points toward qualification for the debut of park skateboarding at Tokyo 2020 from 4-5 August 2021.

Last chance for street riders

As for the street category (which will culminate at Tokyo 2020 from 25-26 July 2021), athletes will have one more chance to bolster their world ranking in Rome, Italy (30 May - 6 June).


The final field of athletes for the skateboarding competition in Tokyo will be based on World Skate rankings and will consist of 20 athletes per discipline with a maximum of three skaters per country/per discipline. All five participating continents must be represented.

The venue for the inaugural Olympic Skateboard competition this summer is the Ariake Urban Sports Park on the scenic shores of Tokyo Bay. historic event.

Final Standings 2021 Dew Tour Des Moines

Men’s Street:

  1. Nyjah Huston (USA)
  2. HORIGOME Yuto (Japan)
  3. Aurelien Giraud (France)
  4. Jamie Foy (USA)
  5. Vincent Milou (France)
  6. Felipe Gustavo (Brazil)
  7. Manny Santiago (Puerto Rico)
  8. Shane O'Neill (Australia)

Men’s Park:

  1. Zion Wright (USA)
  2. Oskar ‘Oski’ Rozenberg (Sweden)
  3. Gavin Bottger (USA)
  4. Liam Pace (USA)
  5. Tate Carew (USA)
  6. Tom Schaar (USA)
  7. Jagger Eaton (USA)
  8. Cory Juneau (USA)

Women’s Park:

  1. YOSOZUMI Sakura (Japan)
  2. Sky Brown (Great Britain)
  3. OKAMOTO Misugo
  4. TEZUKA Mami (Japan)
  5. KIRAKI Kokona (Japan)
  6. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
  7. NAKAMURA Kisa (Japan)
  8. Jordyn Barratt (USA)

Women’s Street:

  1. Pamela Rosa (Brazil)
  2. Rayssa Leal (Brazil)
  3. Roos Zwetsloot (Netherlands)
  4. Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)
  5. Poe Pinson (USA)
  6. Keet Oldenbeuving (Netherlands)
  7. Julia Brueckler (Austria)
  8. Lore Bruggeman (Belgium)


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