Kakuma refugee camp tunes in to watch Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016

As excitement mounts before the Olympic Games Rio 2016 open in the iconic Maracana stadium in just a few hours, the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya is getting ready to watch the Opening Ceremony.

Picture by FilmAid

For the first time, the IOC has organized, with the help of non-profit humanitarian organization FilmAid, for the Olympic Games to be broadcast in the biggest refugee camp in the world, giving the opportunity to some 200’000 people to join the rest of the world in watching the Olympic Games and share the emotions of the 10’500 athletes who will compete in Rio over the next 16 days.

No doubt that Kakuma will vibrate in a special way when the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team (R.O.T.) enter the stadium tonight. Five of the athletes who are competing for the R.O.T are from Kakuma, including the team’s flagbearer Rose Nathike Lokonyen who arrived in the camp in 2002.


All athletes took part in trials organised in the camp by the Tegla Loroupe Foundation and were selected to be part in the R.O.T. along with five other refugee athletes from other parts of the world.

For more information on the R.O.T. please click here.



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