Introducing Athlete Role Models... Brigitte Köch and Stéphane Lambiel

Austrian snowboarder Brigitte “Gitti” Köch and Swiss figure skater Stéphane Lambiel share a fundamental approach to competition: “love what you do, have fun and let that be your motivation.”

It’s an approach that has served Gitti and Stéphane well, with both of them racking up Olympic medals and world championship titles. Now, as Athlete Role Models for the first Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck 2012, it is their turn to mentor the next generation of sports stars.

Speaking about being an ARM, Olympic bronze medallist Gitti said: “It’s really cool to be part of the Olympic family again. I was at the Olympic Games in Nagano as an athlete, then I was in Salt Lake, Turin and Vancouver to cheer for my friends and watch the Games as a spectator, and now I’m in a completely different role. I like it!”

Stéphane, a two-time world champion and Olympic silver medallist, is equally excited. “It’s a great honour to be part of the first Winter Youth Olympic Games as an ARM. I feel privileged to discover and support the champions of tomorrow.”

Gitti and Stéphane will be joined by 31 other ARMs at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck 2012. Watch this space for more introductions coming soon!