Innsbruck 2012 sports pictograms unveiled!

Innsbruck 2012 took the opportunity last week to unveil its sports pictograms which represent the sports and disciplines on the programme of the first winter Youth Olympic Games. The unveiling took place at the opening of the new Olympic ski jumping venue of Toni-Seelos in Seefeld, Tyrol - Official Host Mountain Resort of the Youth Games.

The pictograms show both the athletic and anatomical characteristics of each of the respective sports. The pixel design of the Innsbruck 2012 Youth Olympic Games identity, combined with the colours of the Olympic rings, is also reflected in the pictograms.

The angular form of the figures contributes to the uniqueness and vitality of the pictograms. As for the colouring, a bright blue was chosen as it mirrors the sports section of the Innsbruck 2012 website.

Between 13 and 22 January 2012, 14 of the 63 Winter Olympic medals will be presented in the Seefeld region, in the following disciplines: biathlon, ski jumping, Nordic combined and cross country skiing. And for the first time in Olympic history, women will be able to compete in an Olympic ski jumping competition.