Abhinav Bindra backs high-performance programmes to boost India sports

The Olympic shooting champion believes India needs to empower institutions and people to achieve success in a structured and accountable format.

By Naveen Peter

Indian shooting great Abhinav Bindra believes that high-performance programmes can help take Indian sports to the next level.

With quality training and technical know-how largely available to the elite bunch in the country, the gold medallist from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games reckons that attention to finer details, a key aspect of high-performance programmes, will aid in bridging between the better and the best.

“High-performance sport is a simple concept that encompasses paying attention to the finer aspects of talent identification, training, and athlete development,” Abhinav Bindra said.

“When competing in an Olympic final where everyone is prepared to the hilt, it is that 1 per cent edge that makes all the difference,” he added, during the launch of the high-performance leadership programme organised by the ELMS Sports Foundation and the Abhinav Bindra Foundation.

Indian Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra believes that champions have to be built through systems and processes

While his institution, the Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance Centre, has been helping a handful of top shooters in the country gain that extra edge, others like the Inspire Institute of Sports have come in handy for athletes from other disciplines.

The 37-year-old thinks that such initiatives and institutions help to meet the demands of an ever-evolving Indian sports ecosystem.

“Champions have to be built through systems and processes," Abhinav Bindra stressed.

“High performance has been a possibility not just because of great athletes and coaches but also due to sports leaders. These leaders not only create an athlete-centric approach but also execute plans with perfection.

“We need to innovate to meet the evolution of Indian sport and take it to a higher level of performance and success.

“This is only possible if work is done to empower institutions and people involved in influencing the way sport is developing in India,” Bindra concluded.