A movie on me must have more fights, less masala: Mary Kom

Released in 2014, the Mary Kom biopic had Priyanka Chopra in the lead role and the movie was a box-office hit.

By Subhayan Dutta

Olympic bronze medallist MC Mary Kom feels a biopic on her life should ideally be filled with fights instead of the director taking cinematic liberties.

Directed by Omung Kumar, Mary Kom’s 2014 biopic traced the veteran Indian boxer’s return to the sport after becoming a mother to eventually winning the 2008 World Boxing Championship.

Starring Priyanka Chopra, the movie was an instant hit at the box office.

However, the eight-time world championship medallist hoped the movie had highlighted more on the nuances of her professional career than her personal life.

“I want more focus on the fights if they ever decide to make another biopic on me,” Mary Kom said in an episode of The Outlier, a YouTube series hosted by Outlook Magazine.

“I would ask the director to show more fights. I have been fighting for 20 years and I have fought numerous bouts at the national and international levels.

“Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, I have taken part in so many competitions,” Mary Kom reflected on her career and opportunities it provided.

“There are so many skills and strategies that I had to learn to cope with opponents and the movie should show them,” she pointed out.

Mary Kom’s biopic had a little too much ‘masala’ for the veteran Indian boxer’s liking. 

She has been asked by her own children if the Mary Kom movie was a true story, considering some of the artistic liberties taken and the dramatisation the makers had made in the film.

“I hope they consult me more if they make a Mary Kom Part 2,” she said.

“My biopic had shown me falling inside the ring after a hard punch, which never happened in my career,” she laughed. “I think they did it to add some masala (dramatic effect).

“But I understand the need to impress the audience by creating drama,” she added.

What separates Mary Kom from the rest

The 37-year-old Mary Kom had qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, by beating Filipino Irish Magno at the Asian Olympic boxing qualifiers, before the COVID-19 outbreak suspended sporting events worldwide.

However, Mary Kom does not regard age as a barrier as she will be 38 years old when she steps into the Olympic ring in Tokyo next year.

“I don’t think it’s tough. Honestly, I have a lot of experience and one thing which I have more than any other boxer is will power,” Mary Kom said.

“I have been fighting two decades now and I have achieved everything in every competition and every medal except for the Olympics gold.

“Thankfully, I don’t have any injury concerns and this time I will double the effort,” Mary signed off.