IFSC Climbing World Championships: Hritik Marne, Kumar Gaurav fall short in bouldering

The Indian duo failed to make the semi-finals as they struggled to cope up with the difficulty level of the path at the Moscow Worlds.

By Naveen Peter
Picture by Toru Hanai/ Getty Images

Indian climbers Hritik Marne and Kumar Gaurav fell short of making the semi-finals in the men’s boulder event at the IFSC Climbing World Championships 2021 in Moscow, Russia on Friday.

At the CSKA Universal Sports Hall, the 21-year-old Hritik Marne attempted two of the five climbing zones but failed to find his way to the top on either front. The climber, who trains in Pune, took six attempts in the first zone while two in the second before running out of time. 

In bouldering, an athlete is expected to complete the five stipulated tops (artificial boulders) in a fixed amount of time using the least number of moves.

“The path here was a difficult one. It’s not what we find in India. It’s hard to navigate if you are not used to covering such routes in your training,” Marne told Olympics.com from Moscow.

“I am happy with what I could do, but not satisfied. I have the rest of my season planned and I will be in Austria for a month before moving to Spain for training and competition.”

With the International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC) shelving the overall title from the World Championships’ roster, Marne skipped the speed event to focus on the boulder and lead. For the overall title, scores from each of the three categories are combined to determine the overall winner.

“Speed is a much more exhausting event. You have to push your body to limits to stand a chance at this level,” Marne pointed out. “In India, most of us focus on bouldering and lead given the facilities we have. And with no overall title to fight for, I thought it’d be best to withdraw from speed.”

Meanwhile, the other Indian in the competition, Kumar Gaurav drew a blank in the men’s boulder event. 

The Indian duo will head into the lead event on Monday.


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