Heidler has mixed feelings about reallocated silver after seven-year wait

German hammer thrower Betty Heidler felt a spectrum of emotions after her bronze medal from the Olympic Games London 2012 was upgraded to silver following the disqualification of champion Tatjana Lysenko.

Picture by Getty Images

Lysenko tested positive after samples from London were re-analysed, meaning Heidler moved up a step on the rostrum.

Heidler received her medal at a special reallocation ceremony at the headquarters of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) in Frankfurt in May 2019, getting what was rightfully hers after a wait of almost seven years.

There were, though, mixed feelings for Heidler, who said: “Whether silver or bronze, it wouldn’t have changed the course of things. I always wanted to be the best, and that has nothing to do with the colour of the medal.”

The International Olympic Committee introduced the Olympic Medal Reallocation Ceremony in May 2018 to award clean athletes with their rightful medal following the disqualification of athletes who have doped.

Clean athletes who have received reallocated medals are the subject of Take The Podium, a six-episode series on the Olympic Channel.

As well as showing the medal reallocation ceremonies, the series will also feature athletes sharing the impact the process has had on their lives after they were denied their special moment on the podium.