Third Commonwealth Games gold for England's Jake Jarman in floor final 

The fourth day of the artistic gymnastics competition at Birmingham 2022 saw history made, tears shed and happy moments on five pieces of apparatus – women's vault and uneven bars, and men's floor, pommel horse and rings.

By Jo Gunston
Picture by 2022 Getty Images

On the fourth day of the artistic gymnastics competition at Birmingham 2022, five more titles were awarded in the apparatus finals.

Medals were distributed in women's vault and uneven bars, and men's floor exercise, pommel horse and rings. We'll start with men's floor and a third gold medal for England teenager Jake Jarman.

Men's floor final - results

A third gold medal of these Games for the twisting maestro who performs the most difficult routine of the men’s floor final to take the Commonwealth title.

The 20 -year-old scores a massive 14.666, which prompts high-fives from his competitors and an absolute roar of delight from the home crowd.

Canada's Felix Dolci wins silver (14.166) and Jarman's compatriot Giarnni Regini-Moran bags bronze (13.966).

Men's floor results

1 Jake Jarman, England, 14.666

2 Felix Dolci, Canada 14.166

3 Giarnni Regini-Moran, England 13.966

4 Emil Barber, Wales 13.800

5 Eamon Montgomery, Northern Ireland 13.666

6 Frank Baines, Scotland 13.566

7 Clay Mason Stephens, Australia 12.366

8 Joe Cemlyn-Jones, Wales 11.366

Women's vault - results

Georgia Godwin started where she left off yesterday, winning gold at Birmingham 2022. Winning her first ever Commonwealth Games gold medal yesterday in the all-around event, the 24 year old replicated the feat by claiming the title on vault.

It was a tight affair however as Godwin scored the same as Canada’s Laurie Denommee but due to the tie-break rule that states the gymnast with the highest vault score out of the two vaults wins.

Denommee landed her two vaults perfectly and added to her bronze medal from the team event on Saturday.

Shannon Archer, meanwhile, made history by becoming the first woman from Scotland to win a Commonwealth Games medal in artistic gymnastics, claiming bronze.

Women's uneven bars results

1 Georgia Godwin, Australia 13.233

2 Laurie Denommee, Canada 13.233

3 Shannon Archer, Scotland 13.083

4 Emma Spence, Canada 13.050

5 Pranati Nayak, India 12.699

6 Cara Kennedy, Scotland 12.633

7 Naveen Daries, South Africa 12.550

8 Emily Whitehead, Australia 11.899

Men's pommel horse - results

Hometown lad Joe Fraser may not be able to compete on all pieces of apparatus due to a foot injury but that doesn’t stop the Brummie from rocking up to the Arena Birmingham, and taking on the less ankle-heavy events such as the pommel horse. Oh, and coming away with gold, matching the men’s team result on Friday. Fraser’s roar of delight was possibly even louder than the crowd’s when the score came up.

The big favourite from Northern Ireland, Rhys McClenaghan, was unable to perform to his optimum with some loss of leg form in his routine but his difficulty enabled him to claim a silver medal with a score of 14.133.

Canada’s Jayson Rampersad, who bagged silver in the team event, rounded out the podium.

Men's pommel horse results

1 Joe Fraser, England 14.833

2 Rhys McClenaghan, Northern Ireland 14.133

3 Jayson Rampersad, Canada 14.000

4 Ethan Dick, New Zealand 13.666

5 James Hall, England 13.433

6 Jesse Moore, Australia 13.366

7 Marios Georgiou, Cyprus 13.166

8 Kenji Tamane, Canada 10.833

Men's rings - results

Rings specialist, Courtney Tulloch, came for gold on his favourite apparatus and he won gold on his favourite apparatus, and in front of his home crowd to boot. The three-time world finalist on this apparatus also defended his Commonwealth Games title. Quite the day.

Another rings specialist and the highest qualifier, Sokratis Pilakouris of Cyprus performed to shouts of encouragement from his team-mates in the crowd, who helped him to a silver medal.

Canada's Chris Kaji was the first to congratulate Tulloch on his big score after overtaking the Vancouver native who had been in the lead. Kaji added bronze to his team's silver.

Men's rings results

1 Courtney Tulloch, England 14.400

2 Sokratis Pilakouris, Cyprus 14.300

3 Chris Kaji, Canada 14.266

4 Joe Fraser, England 14.100

5 Felix Dolci, Canada 13.966

6 Pavel Karnejenko, Scotland 13.766

7 Daniel Lee, Jersey 12.900

8 Samuel Dick, New Zealand 12.900

Women's uneven bars - results

England's Georgia-Mae Fenton defended her Commonwealth Games uneven bars title with a flawless routine, which scored 13.900.

Australia's Georgia Godwin claimed silver to add to her burgeoning Commonwealth Games collection, and South Africa's Caitlin Rooskrantz made history by claiming her nation's first women's medal in artistic gymnastics.

Read more about Caitlin here.

Women's uneven bars results

1 Georgia-Mae Fenton England 13.900

2 Georgia Godwin Australia 13.500

3 Caitlin Rooskrantz South Africa 13.433

4 Ondine Achampong England 13.433

5 Jenna Lalonde Canada 13.333

6 Emma Spence Canada 12.733

7 Kate Mcdonald Australia , 12.533

8 Shannon Archer Scotland 12.366


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