Giles Scott wins men's Finn gold for Great Britain

Despite a rocky start, the British sailor has managed to sail to victory to win his second Olympic gold medal at Finn class

Picture by 2021 Getty Images

British sailor Giles Scott has captured gold in men's one person dinghy (heavyweight) Finn class at Enoshima Yacht Harbour today 3 August.

After a rocky start that saw him restart the race, Scott managed to catch up with the rest of the fleet to bring him again in medal contention.

He had won six races out of ten in the qualifying rounds but needed to finish in the top five today in the medal race in order to win gold.

Scott crossed the line in fourth place to amass which took him back to leader position to win gold to follow up his gold victory at Rio 2016

“I made it by the skin of my teeth, it was properly to the wire, it was really tight. I tried to stay relaxed but I've never been involved in a boat race as close as that," the 34-year-old British sailor told Team GB.

"That's the greatest pressure of my career. It climbed throughout the race, that was full on.

“The continues our domination and closes it out, we've won every gold since 2000, we own it."

Picture by 2021 Getty Images

Meanwhile, Hungary's Zsombor Berecz crossed the finish line first in the medal race but took silver with a total score of 2 points behind Scott's 8. It's Berecz's first Olympic medal of his career. He finished 12th at Rio 2016.

Third place went to Spain's Joan Cardona Mendez in his first Olympic Games.

"It was a tough race, but I had a very good last stern and I'm very happy with this bronze," said the 23-year-old Olympic medallist.

"I was almost last before the last stern and it felt like [winning gold] when I made a comeback," added the Balearic sailor.


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