FINA World Championships Budapest 2022, as it happened: Day six - Stubblety-Cook adds 200m breaststroke world title to Olympic gold

Re-live updates from Budapest, Hungary, as competition continues with artistic swimming and swimming on 23 June 2022.

By ZK Goh and Andrew Binner
Picture by 2022 Getty Images

Australia and the United States shared glory in the five swimming finals on night six of the 19th FINA World Championships Budapest 2022 in Hungary.

It was a night of firsts, both for newcomers and veterans, as the Aussies Mollie O'Callaghan and world record holder Zac Stubblety-Cook each tasted their maiden world championship victories.

Meanwhile, Lilly King and Ryan Murphy – both veterans on the American team with multiple World golds – each also had their own firsts. King, a repeat 50m and 100m breaststroke champion, won her first 200m world title, while Murphy finally clinched a maiden individual crown to go with his collection of past relay world titles.

The U.S. also won the night's men's 4x200m freestyle relay to complete a sweep of both distance relays.

Check out the full results from the day's swimming finals.

Earlier, China's Wang Liuyi and Wang Qianyi completed a sweep of the women's duet artistic swim events by winning the duet free. carried live updates the entire day from Budapest, which you can re-live as they happened below.

All times Central European Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Most recent updates first.

8:40pm - King: "Being able to prove haters wrong gets me going"

The final word tonight comes from Lilly King, who spoke to earlier in the mixed zone after clinching her first international title over 200m.

"I feel like I've done it before - and I haven't - but in my head I've done it already. But yes, it's nice to complete the set, and I guess I'm a distance swimmer now, which kind of stings for me! I'm welcoming this new chapter of my career and I'm very happy with that win.

"I love the tactical element of the 200. Today was really about executing the race and not worrying about the time. I love the tactics.

"I'm just excited. I feel like every time I have a bad swim I get a lot of haters out there and just to be able to prove them wrong gets me going."

That's the attitude to take to bounce back.

We'll be back bright and early tomorrow for more heats on Day 7. See you then.

8:21pm - Grousset wins swim-off

The final race of the evening then is this swim-off between Bruno Fratus and Maxime Grousset.

Grousset reacts quicker but both men are neck and neck. It looks like Fratus may be ahead but Grousset gets it at the wall in 21.59!

The 100 silver medallist will be in the 50 final.

That time would have seeded Grousset second for the final, had he produced it in the semi.

"It's tough, so different from what I expected, the 100th swim under 22 seconds that everyone was talking about turned out to be bittersweet," Fratus tells Brazilian TV after his 21.62 effort.

8:10pm - More action to come!

We're just going through the victory ceremony for the relay final, but we're not done yet.

There is still a men's 50m freestyle swim-off to come. Twenty-two seconds of madness for a spot in the final.

8:00pm - Reaction from Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy has just collected his gold medal.

Earlier, this is what he had to say to in the mixed zone:

"It's really special. It's a really hard sport. For someone like me, I have one focus meet of the year and it's this one. One week out of 52, I'm focussing on this one for the whole year. So there's a ton of work that goes into this, not just on my end, but my coaches too. So to come in and win a medal for myself, for the people that help me, and for my country is pretty special."

On pride at being the Team USA captain:

"It's a really cool feeling. I still think of myself as the youngest guy on the team back in 2014, and I had some really good people that were leading us back then. So it's cool to think that I'm in a position to mentor the young guys now, and in eight years from now they'll be leading the team and they'll probably look to some of the things I did to help them out, so it's really cool. We have an incredible legacy at USA swimming and it's cool to try and pay that forward."

7:49pm - MEDAL MOMENT - USA win relay gold

Straight on to the night's last final, the men's 4x200m free relay. All eyes in the crowd on Kristof Milak and the Hungarians.

But in the outside lane 8, it's Australia; in lane 1, France; in lane 7, Great Britain; in lane 2, China; in lane 6, South Korea; in lane 3, Hungary – who get an expected massive cheer from the crowd –; in lane 5, Brazil; and in lane 4, the USA.

The USA are world record holders at 6:58.55, dating back to 2009 and the high-tech swimsuits. 6:58.58 is the non-textile best, set at last year's Olympic Games by Great Britain.

South Korea have gone out quickly with Hwang Sunwoo and they're ahead at the first turn. He's still ahead at 100, inside the world record split.

Hwang is holding off USA's Drew Kibler through 150 but coming back on the fourth length there's nothing between Korea, Brazil, and USA.

The Koreans still lead through 250, but the Americans now lead with Carson Foster in the pool. Foster has opened up a small lead of around a third of a body length, maybe growing to half a body length, at 350.

USA has now opened a really decent lead at the second change. Australia are in second and Korea in third at halfway. Trenton Julian has extended the American lead over a second now.

Coming back at 550, the American lead is nearly a second and a half from Australia and Brazil as they head into the final change.

Don't count out the Aussies, who will have Mack Horton on the anchor leg; Great Britain have Olympic champion Tom Dean on anchor.

American anchor Kieran Smith is into the water. This lead is almost insurmountable now, surely – nearly three full seconds at 700m.

Brazil and Australia appear to be the teams battling it out for silver and bronze, unless Great Britain can pull this back.

Smith turns over three seconds ahead at 750m. Dean has nearly caught the Brazilians and Aussies!

Gold for USA, silver for Australia, and Dean helps GB to bronze!

The winning time for the Americans was 7:00.24.

7:35pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Stubblety-Cook leaves it late to win men's 200m breaststroke

Men's 200m breaststroke final time, including world record holder Zac Stubblety-Cook, the top seed in lane 4.

Nic Fink, Matti Mattsson, Hanaguruma Yu, Stubblety-Cook, Anton McKee, Erik Persson, Caspar Corbeau, Mura Ryura from lanes 1 through 8.

Stubblety-Cook's world record stands at 2:05.95, set earlier this year at Australian trials.

Into the pool they go. The Aussie starts off slowly as Corbeau splits the quickest 50 of the finalists.

But the Olympic champion is just biding his time and on the second length already closing the gap. Corbeau still leads at 100.

Over in the middle lanes, McKee has just edged into a slight lead at the final turn. Stubblety-Cook is up to third. And here comes the charge from the Aussie.

He was last after the first two turns but Stubblety-Cook has pulled well clear to win gold in 2:07.07.

Persson and Hanaguruma tied for silver.

7:20pm - Sjostrom rebounds to top 50 fly semis

Fresh off the back of her 100 free silver, Sarah Sjostrom has come back to qualify top for the women's 50m butterfly final in 25.13.

Behind her in second, a very impressive Americas continental record 25.38 for Torri Huske.

They're joined in the final by Melanie Henique, Farida Osman, Zhang Yufei, Marie Wattel, Claire Curzan, and Maaike de Waard.

7:07pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Ryan Murphy wins 200m back

Moving straight on, it's the men's 200m back final.

In lane 8, Benedek Kovacs of Hungary; in lane 1, Roman Mityukov of Switzerland; in lane 7, Shaine Casas of USA; in lane 2, Adam Telegdy of Hungary; in lane 6, Mewen Tomac of France; in lane 3, Luke Greenbank of Great Britain; in lane 5, Brodie Williams of Great Britain; and the top seed in lane 4, Ryan Murphy of USA.

Off they go and Mityukov, Murphy, and Casas all reacted really quickly around half a second.

Tomac turns in the lead from Casas and Murphy, and Murphy is pulling away slightly on the second length. He's got a solid lead by around half a boy length at halfway.

He's extending that gap to nearly a full body length through the third split and it's nearly a second to the good!

Ryan Murphy wins gold in 1:54.52 from Luke Greenbank and Shaine Casas.

That's his first world title in an individual race. An incredible stat.

"You never want to count anyone out. That's a really talented field. I was really nervous going in, and I had to execute to get the win," Murphy says. "This is a hard sport. Every year you come in and try to go best times. You grind every day for that one meet a year," he adds.

6:58pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Lilly King wins 200 breaststroke

Onto the women's 200 breaststroke final.

Lane 8 sees Francesca Fangio of Italy; in lane 1, Abbie Wood of Great Britain; in lane 7, Molly Renshaw of Great Britain; in lane 2, Kelsey Wog of Canada; in lane 6, Kate Douglass of USA; in lane 3, Kotryna Teterevkova of Lithuania; in lane 5, Lilly King of USA; and in lane 4, Jenna Strauch of Australia.

The world record stands at 2:18.95, set by Tatjana Schoenmaker at last year's Olympic Games.

King starts pretty well, and it's the American who's first to the wall at 50m. She eases off on the second length of the pool, and Renshaw leads at the second turn from Douglass.

Now Douglass in the lead at the last turn but coming back onto the final length, everyone is all out.

The pair in the middle lanes are now edging ahead and Lilly King has found a second wind to win the world title!

Strauch in second and Douglass third. Lilly King's winning time – 2:22.41.

"I never think I'm that far behind. I knew today it may not be my best time, it was going to be about the race," King says of being fifth at the 150m turn. "It's kind of weird, thinking that it is my first 200m gold medal, and I'm very excited."

6:50pm - Ben Proud top seed for 50 free final

Great Britain's Ben Proud soared away to win the first men's 50m freestyle semi-final and his time was the fastest by nearly three-tenths of a second of any of the eight finalists.

The Brit will line up alongside Lorenzo Zazzeri, Josh Liendo Edwards, Lewis Burras, Michael Andrew, Kristian Gkolomeev, and Szebasztian Szabo. There will be a swim-off between Maxime Grousset, the 100 silver medallist, and Bruno Fratus.

Just last month, Fratus spoke to the Olympic Channel Podcast. Have a listen below.

6:43pm - O'Callaghan now a world champion

Advance Australia Fair rings out around the Duna Arena as Mollie O'Callaghan gets her gold medal for the 100 free.

Here's what she had to say in the mixed zone to before the victory ceremony:

"It's weird at the moment to think that I'm world champion. My nerves were shocking before, it was the worst ever. I was panicking in warm up, I had a bit of a cramp in my leg and I was feeling dizzy. I just felt out of it. I get irritated by little things and I'm anxious before racing. But I had teammates there like Madi Wilson, and especially (coach) Dean (Boxall) - even if he's a bit crazy - calming me so that uplifted me for the race.

"I just had to trust myself and focus on myself. I was just thinking, 'Try and stick with the girls, try and execute Dean's race plan as best as I can."

On racing world record holder Sarah Sjostrom:

"I transitioned from backstroke to freestyle in 2020, so since then I've looked up to Sarah. Swimming against her was incredible and very inspiring. It was very surreal. I don't feel like a world champion just yet. Last year I was just swimming relays so it's a big flip for me and hasn't sunk in yet.

"Growing up I looked up to Kaylee McKeown, even though she's now my roommate - which is crazy! But she was doing very well. I looked up to the Australian freestylers like Cate and Bronte (Campbell) too."

6:35pm - Bacon top qualifier in women's 200 back

Phoebe Bacon is the top qualifier for the women's 200m backstroke final in a pretty quick 2:05.93.

She edges out Kaylee McKeown for the top seed; the pair will be in a final with Rhyan White, Margherita Panziera, Peng Xuwei, Kylie Masse, Dora Molnar, and Katalin Burian.

6:20pm - Milak dominates 100 fly semis at a canter

Wow. Kristof Milak gave what the fans came for. He briefly threatens the world record before easing off for a win in 50.14 in the second semi-final to top the timesheets in dominant fashion.

The Hungarian is 0.67 seconds ahead of second qualifier Mizunuma Naoki, and a full second ahead of the heat 1 winner Josh Liendo Edwards.

Those three are joined in the final by Noe Ponti, Simon Bucher, Jakub Majerski, Matthew Temple, and Michael Andrew.

6:06pm - MEDAL MOMENT - O'Callaghan pips Sjostrom to 100 free gold

First up, this women's 100m free final.

In lane 8, Marie Wattel of France; in lane 1, Claire Curzan of USA; in lane 7, Kayla Sanchez of Canada; in lane 2, Cheng Yujie of China; in lane 6, Penny Oleksiak of Canada; in lane 3, Torri Huske of USA; in lane 5, Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden; and in lane 4, Mollie O'Callaghan of Australia.

Sjostrom is the world record holder at 51.71.

It's a good start from the Americans who are quickest off the blocks, but Sjostrom hits the front right behind Huske really quickly. The Swede turns in the lead.

Huske is pushing her all the way and may just be ahead at 75 as they approach the finish. Sjostrom pushing hard at the wall, and O'Callaghan comes from behind to win gold!

Sjostrom takes silver and Huske the bronze.

52.67 for gold. "I'm so excited and I don't really know what to say," O'Callaghan says. "It's all about experience for me and I was not expecting that at all. I'm racing amazing girls," the Aussie adds.

6:00pm - Swim fans, it's time!

Night Six of swimming finals are here.

Tonight, we can expect:

  • Women's 100m freestyle final
  • Men's 100m butterfly semi-finals
  • Women's 200m backstroke semi-finals
  • Men's 50m freestyle semi-finals
  • Women's 200m breaststroke final
  • Men's 200m backstroke final
  • Women's 50m butterfly semi-finals
  • Men's 200m breaststroke final
  • Men's 4x200m freestyle relay final

Home star Kristof Milak is due to swim in both the 100 fly semis and the relay final, and the home fans are packing into the arena to catch a glimpse of him.

Hungarian fans queueing to enter the Duna Arena at the 2022 World Championships on Thursday 23 June.

5:10pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Sisters sweep podium again

And as they did in the technical event, the three pairs of siblings have again swept the medals in the free.

China's Wang twins, Liuyi and Qianyi, win gold.

Ukraine's Aleksiiva twins, Maryna and Vladyslava, take silver.

And Austria's Anna-Maria Alexandri and Eirini Alexandri win bronze.

4:53pm - China into top spot

Just like the duet tech, the favourites in this duet free final are three sets of sisters – twins from China and Ukraine, and another set of siblings from Austria who are actually part of a set of triplets.

The Chinese pair of Wang Liuyi / Wang Qianyi have moved top on 95.5667, a full point ahead of their prelim score.

4:00pm - Welcome back to artistic swimming!

We're back with another artistic swimming final, this one in the women's duet free.

Before we get underway, an update on Anita Alvarez, who fainted in the pool yesterday after completing her routine.

2:51pm - Stat attack

USA and Australia are the only two nations to have won a medal in each of the opening five days of swimming at the FINA 2022 World Championships in Budapest - and there will almost certainly be more this evening.

Remember, the aquatic rivals will lock horns in the Duel in the Pool 19-21 August in Sydney. That one won't be for the faint-hearted!

12:10pm - Ukraine top highlight routine qualifying

There was also artistic swimming action this morning with powerhouses Ukraine topping the qualifying standings for the women's team highlight routine.

They scored 94.2333, some 2.5 points ahead of nearest challengers Spain.

The top 12 teams will participate in the final on Sunday.

With that, we'll take a break on the blog and return at 4pm for the women's duet free final.

11:50 am - Super Sarah Sjostrom

What a story it would be if the evergreen Swede was to win another world championships medal in the women's 50 butterfly.

The 28-year-old starred in new series "Splash In", and revealed how she managed to win a medal at Tokyo 2020 despite breaking her elbow just months before. Check it out below!

11:30 am - Medal table

The United States, who have several teenagers on their team, have been very, very good at these World Championships...

10:45 am - Ledecky dominant in 800 freestyle

Katie Ledecky showed once again why she is the women's 800 freestyle GOAT, taking top spot in the heats with 8:17.51. The American finished a whopping 7.15 seconds ahead of second-placed Australian Lani Pallister.

Ledecky has broken the world record in this event five times, and will be hoping for another in tomorrow's final. She has clearly been working on her finish, displaying a larger leg kick than normal on the final 100,

She will be joined by compatriot Leah Smith, who showed no signs of fatigue after joining Ledecky in helping Team USA win gold in the 4x200 freesetyle relay last night, to win Heat 2 in 8:25.19.

Italy's Simona Quadarella will also progress, as will China's Li Bingjie.

Ledecky is the reigning women's 800 freestyle champion, and you can see her amazing performance from Tokyo 2020 below.

10:25 am - Milak helps Hungary seal relay final berth

Hungarian quartet Richard Marton, Nandor Nemeth, Hollo Balazs and Kristof Milak won a thrilling opening heat in which the hosts were neck-and-neck with Korea for the duration of the race.

Ultimately, anchor man Milak had too much pace for Lee Hojoon, with the crowd going absolutely wild for their hero once again, who came home in 7:07.46.

China finished third, while Rio 2016 400m freestyle Olympic champion Mack Horton put on an excellent final leg to seal fourth for Australia and a place in the final.

The second heat picked up the pace with USA's Carson Foster, Trey Freeman, Coby Carrozza and Julian Trenton easing to first place in 7:04.39. Kieran Smith and Drew Kibler, fourth and fifth in the individual men's 200 freestyle final respectively, will bolster their team in the final.

A confident-looking Brazil team secured second with Great Britain easing away from France on the final leg to clinch third place.

The eight finalists (in order of fastest finish) for this evening's final are: USA, Brazil, Hungary, Korea, China, Great Britain, France, and Australia.

10:15 am - Zhang back in business, Sjostrom looking strong

China's 200 butterfly Olympic champion Zhang Yufei looked back to her best as she secured top spot in the women's 50 fly heats in 25.39.

Evergreen world-record holder Sarah Sjostrom eased to victory in her heat, to take second overall with 25.43. The Swedish star looked to have plenty more in the tank for this evening's semi-finals.

Melanie Henrique of France took third overall, while USA's 17-year-old Claire Curzan out touched Egyptian ex-world medallist Farida Osman to take top spot in their heat with 25.93. All progress.

Curzan's teammate Torri Huske and Australia's Brianna Throssell just did enough to progress, meaning there were no major elimination in the prelims.

9:45 am - Fratus steps up in men's 50 freestyle

In Caeleb Dressel's absence, Brazilian sprint king Bruno Fratus sealed top spot the men's 50 freestyle heats in 21.71 in a successful first outing in Budapest.

Canada's Josh Liendo continued to impress with second place overall (21.72), with Heat 4 winner Michael Andrew third in 21.74.

Thom de Boer of the Netherlands overcame a slow start to book his place in this evening's semi-finals, alongside Team GB's Ben Proud and Maxime Grousset from France.

Grousset's compatriot and London 2012 Olympic champion Florent Manaudou could only manage fifth in his heat, but did just enough to qualify. He will need to clean up his stroke if he is to progress further than the semis.

Szebaztian Szabo also qualified, meaning the Hungarian fans will have plenty to cheer about.

Fratus jumped onto the podcast recently, to explain how he has made three-consecutive 50m free Olympic finals, and what it meant to finally win his Olympic medal in Tokyo. Check that episode out below.

9:27 am - Bacon sizzles in backstroke heats

USA's Phoebe Bacon powered to top spot in the women's 200 backstroke qualifying in 2:07.89.

Peng Xuwei of China was second, with Margherita Panziera of Italy in third.

Ryhan White of the USA, reigning Olympic champion Kaylee McKeown of Australia and Canada's 50m backstroke world champion Kylie Masse all progressed safely to this evening's semis.

Has women's backstroke ever been more competitive than it is right now? #GoldenGeneration

9:20 am - Milak majestic, Chalmers out

The Hungarian crowd were going wild even before Kristof Milak got in the water, and the noise only increased as he cruised to top men's 100 butterfly heats time of 50.68.

With Caeleb Dressel not competing, the 200 world record holder is looking good for the butterfly double here in Budapest.

Final heat winner, and Canadian star-in-the-making Joshua Liendo, won his heat with a blisteringly quick 50.97 to go second overall, with Switzerland's Noe Ponti in third.

Mizunuma Naoki put in a huge swim to win a start-studded heat in 51.46, ahead of James Guy in second and Australian trials winner Matthew Temple, who all progress alongside USA's Michael Andrew.

Rio 2016 freestyle Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers could only manage sixth place in that heat and will not be in the semis.

South African veteran Chad le Clos did not start after pulling out of the championships earlier this week.

The top 16 finishers from these 11 heats go through to this evening's semi-finals.

8:52 am - Meet Eyad Masoud, the Refugee Team Batman

There are so many amazing stories at 2022 FINA World Championships, perhaps none more so than that of Mohamed Eyad Masoud.

The Syrian-born athlete was excluded from using swimming facilities in Saudi Arabia, and in 2017 made the decision to relocate to New Zealand in order to make his dream of being a professional swimmer come true.

He was awarded an IOC Refugee Athlete Scholarship, and line up alongside some of his heroes in the men's 100m butterfly heats shortly. caught up with Eyad before these championships to find out how a positive mindset changed his life, how he balances being a professional swimmer and a mechanical engineer, and the excellent story behind his Batman swimming cap!

You can read our interview with Eyad Masoud here.

Refugee swimmer Eyad Masoud.

8:35 am - In case you missed it...

Round 2 of the women's water polo was fast and furious.

The hosts suffered an agonising one-goal defeat to Italy, with Canada, USA, Australia and Spain now leading the four groups.

Group A

Canada 22 - 2 Colombia

Italy 10 - 9 Hungary

Group B

Argentina 7 - 6 South Africa

USA 11 - 7 USA

Group C

Australia 11 - 2 New Zealand

Kazakhstan 10 - 6 Brazil

Group D

Spain 10 - 10 Greece

France 24 - 8 Thailand

8:30 am - Today's programme

Good morning and welcome back to's FINA World Championships 2022 live blog!

It is Olympic Day today, 23 June. On this day in 1894, the International Olympic Committee was founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. This year, the theme is Together, For A Peaceful World, and you can get involved using the #MoveForPeace hashtag.

Back in Budapest, we have an exciting day lined up for you, packed full of Olympic and world champions.

With Caeleb Dressel having pulled out of the Championships on medical grounds, home hero Kristof Milak could win a second world title in the men's 100 butterfly. Those prelims are first up today, but also keep an eye out for Australian Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers.

Triple Olympic gold medallist Kaylee McKeown and yesterday's world title winner Kylie Masse will renew their epic backstroke rivalry in the women's 200m back heats, while Bruno Fratus and Florent Manaudou will be hoping to take advantage of Dressel's absence in the men's 50 free heats.

There will be five finals this evening, with Sarah Sjostrom, Penny Oleksiak, Mollie O'Callaghan and Torri Huske the women's 100 freestyle medal favourites.

Rio 2016 Olympic champions Lilly King and Ryan Murphy will hope to wind back the clock in the women's 200 breaststroke and men's 200 backstroke respectively, and Australian world record holder Zac Stubblety-Cook will be the man to beat in the men's 200 breaststroke.

Here's today's swimming schedule:

Morning session – heats

  • Men's 100m butterfly
  • Women's 200m backstroke
  • Men's 50m freestyle
  • Women's 50m butterfly
  • Men's 4x200m freestyle relay
  • Women's 800m freestyle

Evening session – semi-finals and finals

  • Women's 100m freestyle final
  • Men's 100m butterfly semi-finals
  • Women's 200m backstroke semi-finals
  • Men's 50m freestyle semi-finals
  • Women's 200m breaststroke final
  • Men's 200m backstroke final
  • Women's 50m butterfly semi-finals
  • Men's 200m breaststroke final
  • Men's 4x200m freestyle relay final


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