FINA World Championships Budapest 2022, as it happened: Day 12 - China dominate diving, Gregorio Paltrinieri takes second gold

Live updates from Budapest, Hungary, with diving and open water swimming on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

By Andrew Binner
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Italy's Gregorio Paltrinieri put on a men's 10km swimming master class on 29 June to win his second gold medal of the 2022 FINA World Championships.

A thrilling photo finish in women's event resulted in victory for Dutch Olympic gold medallist Sharon van Rouwendaal, who had too much finishing power even for Ana Marcela Cunha, who finished third.

In the diving, it was all about China.

Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming won the 3m and 10m mixed event, before Li Yajie showed nerves of steel to come from behind and take the women's 1m springboard title. Finally, Zhu Zifeng and Lin Shan from the start and never look back as they sealed the mixed 3m synchro gold. carried live updates the entire day from Budapest, which you can re-live as they happened below.

All times Central European Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Most recent updates first.

8:20 pm - Tomorrow's line up

That was a truly amazing finish to an amazing day of diving. China have been the definition of perfect throughout and have won seven medals out of seven so far, but it is so competitive for the rest of the medals.

Tomorrow there will be another two diving medals won in the women's 10m synchro and the men's 1m springboard.

In open water swimming we have the gruelling women's and men's 25km finals, while there will be semi-final action in the women's water polo.

Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Good night!

8:11 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: China win SEVENTH diving medal

Pellacani and Santoro should have sealed silver with a 65.7 for their inward 2.5 somersault pike. Really nice execution into the water. They've been magnificent from the third jump onwards.

Wowzer. Zhu and Lin save their best 'til last and take 8s and 9s across the board for their very technical forward 2.5 somersault 1 twist pike. They are awarded a mammoth 75.6 and that's a comfortable gold for them in the mixed 3m synchro.

Now, who will get this bronze?

Mexico's Chavez Munoz and Munoz Heredia look to have edged it with a back 2.5 somersault pike worth 63.0.


Great Britain have sneaked onto the podium with the final dive of the night! James Heatly and Grace Reid go 71.61 for their forward 3.5 somersault pike. Talk about saving your best for last! That is the first time in this final the Brits have been in the top three.

Final standings:

Gold: Zhu Zifeng and Lin Shan (China) - 324.15

Silver: Chiara Pellacani and Matteo Aantoro (Italy) - 293.55

Bronze: James Heatly and Grace Reid (Great Britain) - 287.61

7:50 pm - Mexico make late play

It's another beauty from Pellacani and Santoro to kick off the penultimate round. Their forward 3.5 somersault pike is awarded 69.7.

Yi and Kim need something big here to get back in the medals, but only get 60.3 for their 2.5 somersault pike. That won't be enough.

The harder the jump, the better Zhu and Lin get. Their forward 3.5 somersault pike gets a 69.75 and only a serious mistake will stop them from winning gold now.

But look at this from Japan! Enomoto Haruka and Suyama Haruki execute perfectly for their dive of the night, and get 66.96!

But they are now knocked off third place by Mexicans Arantxa Chavez Munoz and Kevin Munoz Heredia, who land a whopping 68.8 forward dive with 3 1/2 somersault pike.

It's so competitive for silver and bronze going into this final round.

7:38 pm - Italy rebound in style

Much better from Pellacani and Santoro, who get a very impressive 69.3 for their technical forward 2.5 somersault 1 twist pike.

Yi and Kim just held on to their synchro on a forward 3.5 somersault pike (3.1 difficulty) to get 59.52.

But the field can only sit back and applaud as Zhu and Lin are awarded 72.0 for their back 2.5 somersault pike. They could have just been reflections of each other there, they were that in sync.

What a dive from Muhammad Syafiq and Yan Yee Ng! The Malaysians roar into third place with a 67.5 inward two- and-one-half somersault pike. That's a highly technical dive.

China, Italy, Malaysia are the podium as things stand.

7:30 pm - Yi and Kim stay in touch

Yi and Kim crank up the heat with a 49.2 jump that sees them take a temporary lead.

It's bad news for Italy though, as Pellacani and Santoro lose synchronisation and deliver a disappointing 42.0.

But Zhu and Lin quickly take top spot back from Korea, receiving 52.2 for their reverse dive pike. They're now 10.2 points clear of their Asian rivals.

Germany's Tina Punzel and Lou Noel Guy Massenberg have now put themselves in medal contention, with two 45.0 jumps to take third overall.

7:15 pm - Perfect start for Zhu and Lin

The third and final diving final today has begun!

And it's a great start from Chinese duo Zhu Zifeng and Lin Shan who choose the inward dive pike. A perfect entry with zero splash means they get all 9s and 9.5s for a total of 54.60. Just wow.

A very tidy effort from Yi Jaegyeong and Kim Suji sees the Korean pair score 47.4 for the same jump, and take second place.

Italy's Chiara Pellacani is back for her second medal event this evening but shows no sign of fatigue, teaming up wit Italy's Matteo Aantoro for a 46.8 back dive pike.

It's China, Korea, Italy one, two, three at the moment.

6:42 pm - Relive Italy's historic 10km open water swim

Before today, Italy's best result in a men's 10km open water swim at the world championships was Fabio Venturini's bronze in 2001.

Gregorio Paltrinieri and Domenico Acerenza then rewrote their national history, taking first and second respectively at Lupa Beach.

You can see what it meant to them below.

6:10 pm - Serbia eliminated from water polo

Reigning two-time men's water polo Olympic champions Serbia have gone down 14-12 to Croatia in a classic quarter-final.

The Croatians didn't lose a quarter and are very good value for their place in the semis.

They join Greece as the first two qualifiers for the final four.

6:00 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: Li maintains China's perfect diving record

Oh no, Vallee's timing is off there and that's her worst dive of the final. She gets 48.10 for a forward 1.5 somersault 2 twist free and will need a lot of luck to win this from here. Any which way, she's been fantastic for the large majority of this final.

It's a lovely dive to finish with for Britain's Reid who gets 58.5 for her clean forward 25 somersault pike.

Bacon ups the difficulty and executes her forward 2.5 somersault pike very nicely for 57.2. She may have snuck in front of Vallee for silver.

But this is unreal from Li. With only a solid effort needed, she reverse 1.5 somersault 1.5 twist free dives for a stunning 62.4. The women's 1m springboard gold, which is also the sixth for China in Budapest, is hers.

Final standings:

Gold: Li Yajie (China) - 300.85

Silver: Sarah Bacon (USA) - 276.65

Bronze: Mia Vallee (Canada) - 276.60

5:48 pm - Vallee closing in on gold

A solid, but not spectacular, back 1.5 somersault pike sees Vallee add 51.75 to her overall score. Sensible not to push the boat out too much, as she just needs one more decent jump to win this.

Pellacani gets on of the biggest cheers of the day for nailing an impressive 58.5 jump!

It's a very controlled forward 2.5 somersault 2 twist free from Bacon, who is closing in on bronze after 58.5.

Li puts herself right back in contention with a massive 69.0 for her reverse 2.5 somersault tuck!

She retakes a slender lead over Vallee and this final round will be decided by she that holds her nerve best.

5:35 pm - Small mistake from Li

Our new leader Vallee is revelling in his pressure, executing her reverse 2.5 somersault tuck (3.0 difficulty) for 55.5. Where did all those maple leaf flags suddenly come from in the crowd?

Sheehan's found her golden form and gets a 57.0 for her reverse 1.5 s 1.5 twist free.

There's a slight overextension for Reid, who still receives 54.6 for her technical forward 1.5 somersault 2 twist free 54.6.

Chants of 'USA, USA' greet Bacon, who replies with a reverse 1.5 somersault pike for 52.8.

Oh no, slight splash there from Li who gets 49.45 from her back 1.5 somersault pike. A strange silence from the Chinese crowd there.

If Vallee can hold her nerve, the door is open for an upset here. It's Vallee 1, Li 2, and Bacon 3.

5:23 pm - Vallee making moves

Mia Vallee is on fire! She follows up her excellent Round 1 dive with an inward 2.5 somersault tuck worth 55.65. The Canadian, who barely made a splash there and her entry was a perfect right angle to the water, is on 121.25 overall and may take the lead here.

It's a forward 2.5 somersault pike for Italy's Chiara Pellacani, who gets 7s across the board for a score of 54.6.

Bacon is solid again with a back 1.5 somersault pike 51.75. She'll need to do more to get that top spot though.

Nilsson Garip seems to linger in the air. She gets 54.0 for her inward 1.5 somersault pike.

Round 1 leader Li scores an excellent 62.4, but loses top spot to Vallee. Round 3 up next and a lot more diving still to come.

5:10 pm - Li and Bacon in front

Local folk guitarist performance over, and time to dive! The women's 1m springboard final has begun.

Georgia Sheehan of Australia, so impressive this morning, didn't really find her timing on that back 1.5 somersault pike and gets 47.16

The same for GB's Grace Reid, who gets 46.0 for her back 1.5 somersault pike.

But there are no such problems for USA's Sarah Bacon who nails the inward 1.5 somersault pike for 56.4.

Emilia Nilsson Garip gets a big cheer from a small band of Sweden fans as she gets 56.4 for her back 1.5 somersault pike.

Top spot in Round 1 goes to, who else, Li Yajie. The Chinese No. 1 seed gets 57.5 for her perfectly executed inward 1.55 somersault pike.

Li and Bacon are first and second respectively.

4:30 pm - Greece through to water polo semis

Take a bow Greece!

Their men's water polo team are the first to progress to the men's semi-finals after a smashing 16-11 win over USA.

Croatia currently lead double Olympic champions Serbia 10-9 after three quarters. We are in for a thrilling finish.

3:40 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: China win fifth diving medal in Budapest

Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming are the 3m & 10m mixed team world champions!

Quan was awarded 47.0 for her back 1.5 somersault half twist, which was followed by an even more impressive reverse 3.5 somersaults tuck worth 81.00 from Bai.

China maintain that world title after Lin Shan and Yang Jian won it at the Gwangju 2019 World Champs.

Malaysia cling on to silver despite Liang's wobbly 40.25 effort. Pamg's brilliant 81.60 saved them, meaning she has now won two medals in Budapest following her 10m platform bronze.

Brazilian duo Fogaca and Oliveira finish strongly to get back into third place.

Final standings:

Gold: Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming (China) - 382.00

Silver: Tze Liang Ooi and Pandelela Pamg (Malaysia) - 343.20.

Bronze: Rafael Fogaca and Ingrid Oliveira (Brazil) - 341.50

3:25 pm - Gillet and Janard in the medals

France's Jade Gillet and Alexis Jandard have made a late play for the medals here in Budapest.

They execute two very good dives to move onto 218.85 points. The crowd really liked that, whether French or not.

But it's all to lose for Quan and Bai, who move out to 253.4, a long way ahead of Liam and Pamg of Malaysia on 221.35

3:05 pm - Ooi and Pamg jump up to second

That's class from the Malaysian pair.

Springboarder Tze Liang Ooi notches 68.21 from his forward 3.5 somersaults pike, before Pandelela Pamg lands back 2.5 somersaults with 1.5 twists pike worth 67.2 22. They move into second.

Brazilian pair Rafael Fogaca and Ingrid Oliveira are third, thanks to the former's 62.70 forward 4.5 somersaults tuck, and the latter's 54.40 from her back 2.5 somersaults with 1.5 twists pike. 10m platform diver Oliveira will be disappointed with that.

Solid diving from the pair as Ooi from 3m and Pamg 67.20 from her from 10m.

Bai and Quan combine for a top-scoring 88.00 so far, to extend their lead.

2:43 pm - Quan and Bai lead diving

The day's first diving medal final has begun and Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming are leading the way after round one of the mixed 3m and 10m team event.

Quan went from a 2.5 somersault tuck from the 3m springboard, while Bai performed a back 3.5 somersaults tuck from the 10m platform.

The Chinese pair scored a total of 127.80.

2:00 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: Gregorio Paltrinieri wins 10km open water swimming

Italian distance swimming specialist Paltrinieri has won his second gold medal of the event, following his 1500m freestyle gold last week.

The 27-year-old's heroics at Lupa Beach also mean that Italy has its first Worlds gold medal in the men's 10km.

It was a great day in the water for Italy, who also had their second best finish ever in the event, as Domenico Acerenza took silver.

The 5km winner from two days ago Wellbrock took an early lead but had no match for Paltrinieri's faster finish, and had to settle for third.

Gold: Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) - 1:50:56.80

Silver: Domenico Acerenza (Italy) - 1:50:58.20

Bronze: Florian Wellbrock (Germany) - 1:51:11.20

Italy's gold medallist Gregorio Paltrinieri (L) embraces compatriot and  silver medallist Domenico Acerenza after the Open Water Men's 10km at the 2022 FINA World Championships.
Picture by 2022 Getty Images

1:20 pm - Li tops diving qualifying

The women's 1m springboard prelims have come to a close and China's Li Yajie to will progress to this evening's final at the No. 1 seed.

The 19-year-old scored 50's in four of her dives, before a mesmeric final effort that was rewarded 61.10. She has simply been in a league of her own and scored 278.95 overall.

Emilia Nilsson Garip of Sweden was the model of consistency throughout, taking second place overall with a total of 262.95.

Third went to Sarah Bacon of the USA with 257.15.

Also qualifying are Britain's Grace Reid, Michelle Heimberg of Switzerland, Australian Georgia Sheehan, Chiara Pellacani of Italy, and Canada's Margo Erlam.

12:45 pm - Wellbrock out in front

Open water swimming Olympic champion Florian Wellbrock is showing no signs of fatigue after his 5km win two days ago.

The German has lead from the start, with Paltrinieri just half a body length behind in second. Who else would it have been?

12:00 pm - Time for the men's 10km

Lupa Beach really is a beautiful oasis in what is a land-locked country.

Created in 2017 specifically for the people of Budapest to practise water sports, the sands are white and the water crystal clear. The conditions are perfect, if a touch on the warm side.

The star-studded men's 10km race, featuring Olympic gold medallists Florian Wellbrock and Gregorio Paltrinieri, begins shortly.

Open water swimming at the FINA 2022 World Championships takes place at the pristine Lupa Beach.

11:10 am - Bacon back!

OK, we'll stop with those puns now.

But Sarah Bacon has produced a stunning 55.20 to retake second place overall, behind Li who extends her lead with an outrageous 58.50.

Sheehan drops to third, while fourth-place Chiara Pellacani has executed her third jump in the 50s.

10:50 am - Li leads at halfway

Li Yajie has produced the dive of the day - a 2.5 somersault pike worth 57.2 - to take the lead at the halfway point in qualifying on 159.35.

She was perfectly vertical upon entry and that is the kind of dive that wins championships.

A mistake from Bacon sees the American take a 44.25 and she drops down to fifth with 151.85 overall.

Keep an eye on Australia's Georgie Sheehan here, who has taken 155.7 from her three jumps so far and currently sits second overall.

10:25 am - Bacon sizzling

Back at the Duna Arena, USA's Sarah Bacon has taken a huge early lead in the women's 1m springboard prelims.

The 2019 world silver medallist was awarded an impressive 56.4 for her inward 1.5 somersault pike. It was 8s and 7.5s across the board.

China's Li Yajie was her closest competitor with 50.40.

There are four rounds to go.

10:00 am - MEDAL MOMENT: Sharon van Rouwendaal wins women's 10km open water swim

What a simply sensational swim from Sharon van Rouwendaal, who wins the women's 10km open water swim in a photo finish!

The start of the race was brought forward an hour to 7:00 am due to hot conditions, but the Dutchwoman remained the coolest of competitors throughout.

It was a tactical masterclass from the Rio 2016 Olympic champion, who sat behind Leonie Beck, Ana Marcela Cunha and Aurelie Muller for much of the race.

Van Rouwendaal then made her move in the final stretch and outsprinted her rivals after the gruelling distance to touch the pad first by 0.5 of a second.

The 28-year-old, who also won silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021, joins Larisa Ilchenko as only women to have won the 10km event at the Olympic Games, European championships and the world aquatics championships.


Gold: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands) -

Silver: Leonie Beck (Germany) - 2:02:29.70

Bronze: Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) - 2:02:29.70

9:20 am - What diving means to Melissa Wu

At the age of 10 the Australian knew that diving was the sport for her. Throughout her 16 years career, diving helped her overcome depression, anxiety, and lack of self-belief, until she won bronze in Tokyo 2020.

She starred in new Olympic Channel series "Splash In", and you can watch her episode below now.

8:50 am - In case you missed it...

A round-up of last night's women's water polo quarter-finals:

Italy 17 - 7 France

USA 13 - 8 Spain

Greece 7 - 12 Netherlands

Australia 6 - 7 Hungary

Th semi-finals will take place on 30 June.

8:30 am - Today's programme

Good morning and welcome back to Budapest for FINA World Championships 2022 live blog.

The sun is shining again and that's great news for open water swimming, which returns to the programme today.

Newly-crowned 5km world champion Ana Marcela Cunha is the one to watch in the women's 10km event. The Brazilian won Olympic gold over that distance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 2021, and is looking to extend her legacy.

There will be some very familiar faces in the men's 10km event, with Olympic gold medallists Gregorio Paltrinieri and Florian Wellbrock looking to win their second world titles here in Budapest.

In diving, we have three finals today, starting with the exciting mixed 3m and 10m, where Pandelela Pamg will be hoping to build upon her bronze medal from earlier in the week.

China's Lin Shan is the early favourite in the women's 1m springboard, and in the in the mixed 3m synchro final where she teams up with Zhu Zifeng

Here's today's diving schedule:

10:00 am - Women's 1m springboard heats

2:30 pm - Mixed 3m & 10m final

5:00 pm - Women's 1m springboard final

7:00 pm - Mixed 3m synchronised final


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