FINA World Championships 2019 | As it happened: Day 16 as Dressel and Ledecky claim gold

Olympic Channel were on site in Korea as Italy become water polo champions and Caeleb Dressel wins three golds in the pool.

By ZK Goh and Andrew Binner

Olympic Channel are on site at the FINA World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

It was the penultimate day of action in Korea today, 27 July, and Italy clinched the men's water polo world title in the evening before Caeleb Dressel took to the pool to win two individual and a relay gold medal.

Team USA enjoyed success in the pool, with Regan Smith and Katie Ledecky adding to Dressel's two wins and the relay, while Sarah Sjostrom took the night's other gold medal.

Re-live all of Saturday's action with our blog below (newest updates first). You can also catch up with what happened on Friday 26 July here.

All times below are Korean Standard Time (UTC+9 hours). Please refresh the blog for latest updates.

12:55 am - One more day to go

This is it: we're 16 days down, with one day - and eight swimming finals - left to go.

Italy men's water polo, Sarah Sjostrom, Caeleb Dressel (twice individually), Regan Smith, Katie Ledecky, and USA mixed freestyle relay were the winners on a fantastic 16th day of action.

We'll be back tomorrow morning (later this morning, technically!) with four more sets of heats, before the finals starting at 8 pm.

Here's today's gallery of your new world champions.

See you tomorrow!

12:40 am - Swimmers react to news of Shayna Jack's failed test

In case you missed the news, Australian swimmer Shayna Jack was sent home before the start of the World Championships and it was confirmed tonight that that was due to a failed anti-doping test (see 6:10 pm).

Various athletes were asked to comment on the developments, and we've rounded up their responses here.

Cate Campbell of Australia: "I had absolutely no knowledge of this before tonight. All I knew before was that it was a personal matter, and we were respecting her privacy. I think we have to respect the process. We stand for clean sport and I think the fact that Shayna isn't here at the moment strengthens that stance. The Australian team stands for clean sport and unfortunately that is the reason why Shayna is not with us."

Lilly King of USA: "I don't know the exact details, I think all swimmers are standing up for clean athletes. Three years ago I commented on an athlete from the U.S. who was doping, and it shouldn't matter what country they're from. Even if they're from your own country, doping is doping, and I don't think it should affect the protests."

Chad le Clos of South Africa: "My stance is always the same. If you test positive, you shouldn't be allowed to swim. Anybody who takes PEDs shouldn't be allowed to swim, simple. I might get in trouble for saying this, but I definitely do think that if certain swimmers got tested positive, they'd be banned for life. But some swimmers didn't because of the federation that's behind them. Definitely, absolutely. I mean, look who's swimming this week. If they want to cheat, they're cheating themselves. I know I'm clean."

Katie Ledecky of USA: "We'll allow due process on that. I don't even know what she tested positive for, so I can't really comment on that. I think it's been really great this week to see athletes standing up for what they believe in and making a stand and making it abundantly clear that doping can't be tolerated, and I'll join the voices in saying that."

12:20 am - Manuel happy to bounce back

Simone Manuel anchored the U.S. mixed freestyle relay team to gold and a new world record after being caught on the final leg of Wednesday's mixed medley relay.

"Definitely happy with the win," she said afterwards. "I think our relays haven't been as well as we'd have had liked them to, so to get a gold medal tonight and finish the night off really well is something we're really proud of.

"I took the mixed medley relay really hard. I went out there and swam my best on that relay but it just wasn't what I'd have liked it to be, it was just about re-grouping and putting my best foot forward, not only for myself but for Team USA.

"Not every race is perfect and you kind of have to have short-term memory loss and just move on to the next race."

Teammate Mallory Comerford added: "Doing it for Caeleb too, he had a great night and him leading us off was really awesome."

12:05 am - Ledecky 'trusted training' to win

"All my three races this week were crazy races, and great races, and gave me a lot of experience in that kind of a race," Ledecky responded when asked about her duel with Quadarella.

"It was good, it was challenging for me to have to think on the fly, especially tonight. Just seeing where I was at, taking confidence in my training, knowing that I could pull out the last 50 like that. I knew I had a little more speed than Simona and just trusted that I could rely on that at the end."

Speaking earlier in the mixed zone immediately after her win, she had said: "I just relied on my training to bring me home. Simona was having a great race and pulled up next to me, and when she did that I felt I could stick with her and rely on my speed.

Just tried to stay calm, relaxed, from the 500 to the 750 really, and kind of decide when I got to the last 100 when to make the move. It turned out to be the last 50 and just put my legs into it and got my hands to the wall.""

12:02 am - Ledecky: "I've been very up and down physically"

Katie Ledecky won that race while still not being at full health.

Asked about her condition in the press conference, the American said: "I've been very up and down physically the last couple of days.

"Yesterday, the 800 prelims was pretty tough, the time was actually pretty good for a prelims swim for me but it just didn't come easy. It wasn't as bad as the mile (1500m) prelims but I still had some lingering effects there and I knew I had to buy myself more time by making the finals and knowing that I had 30-36 hours to rest.

"The goal was just to get as much sleep as I could and put myself in a position in play for a medal."

11:53 pm - Quadarella on losing to Ledecky in 800m: "I have regrets"

Italy's Simona Quadarella had mixed feelings after coming away with silver behind Katie Ledecky in the 800m freestyle tonight.

"Winning silver in this way leaves me a bit regretful," she said. "I really believed in gold.

"I’m still happy anyway. I feel glad for having stood up to such an athlete. I can assure you I didn't have any energy left.

"I realised I was strong after 200m and I tried to force the pace, my goal was either gold or silver. In the end it was a silver and I have some regrets, because I believed in gold.

"Ledecky is beatable and this will help me for next year."

11:45 pm - Dressel: "I'll be ready" for hype

The Floridian was also asked how he would cope with being the face of USA Swimming's men's team heading into Tokyo 2020 next year.

"I don't know. I'm not done with 2019. You know, it was hyped up this year. I understand it has to come with the sport," he said.

"The race between me and Kyle (Chalmers), the race between me and Joe (Schooling), you know, it's just good, clean competition. That's why I enjoy swimming.

"I'll be ready for it next year. I've never been one to buy into all the hype, it's really just between me and my coach."

11:40 pm - Dressel on Ledecky: "She's the world's best"

Caeleb Dressel poured on the plaudits for teammate Katie Ledecky after the latter clinched women's 800m freestyle gold.

"That was phenomenal," he said.

"I couldn't imagine what she went through, I don't know what she had - I didn't see her for a few days and knowing Katie, if she says she's under the weather, it probably means something is wrong.

"That girl is tough as nails. Having swum the 800 after being sick for I don't know how many days, I don't know how she did it on the last 50 coming home so strong.

"She's the world's best and she showed it tonight."

11:30 pm - Dressel on 50 free win: "My start was so bad"

Reacting to his gold medal in the 50m, Caeleb Dressel said: "I was happy with it, I know I sound like a broken record but every time I do a race I kind of look for the bad points, that's just how I work.

"My start was so bad, I wish I could have that one back. So you know, there's plenty to improve on. I know what to look for and work on heading into next year. Not only in that event, but also on the 100 fly and even the 100 free relay tonight. I take each event and I have to learn from it.

"The start was not good, but I got my hand on the wall first and that's just the goal here."

When asked how difficult it was to race three finals in a session, the American said: "It was not easy in '17, it was not easy this year.

"I don't want it to be easy, I really don't. It's just about getting better every day. It's about learning from event to event, practice to practice.

"I'm glad it's over, I don't want to swim any more tonight, but tomorrow I will be ready to swim one more fast."

11:20 pm - Minakov: "The target is to beat everyone"

After his success at the Youth Olympic Games, now world silver medallist Andrei Minakov was in a good mood in the mixed zone after his race.

Speaking in English, he joked: "I can say racing the juniors is much more fun!

"For me it doesn't matter to race the juniors or the seniors, the target is only to beat everyone."

Asked about how fast the pool was this week, the Russian said: "I want to go grab (a world record) like Kristof Milak. I have been racing him since 2017 and he did an amazing job. Congrats to him."

And Minakov said he was lost for words sharing the podium with Chad le Clos.

"Chad is a very fun guy and a very, very good friend. It was an amazing feeling, I can't describe being on the podium with him."

11:13 pm - Le Clos shrugs off injury

As ever, 100m fly bronze medallist Chad le Clos was coy when we asked him about his groin/leg injury he picked up shortly before the Worlds.

"It's okay, even if it is hurting, I couldn't tell you. It's not respectful to Caeleb or Minakov tonight, great swims by both of them.

"You know, I gave Minakov his gold medal last year at the Youth Olympics, as we spoke about a couple weeks ago. Great silver for him and Caeleb was phenomenal again tonight. Both in the 50 free and 100 fly, much respect to him.

"It was important for me to beat Milak tonight, so I'm happy to beat him tonight. He had a phenomenal meet. Caeleb was too, Minakov too. I've got a good 11 months to train, I'll go home and regroup and I'll come back to camp in August and get ready for Tokyo."

Le Clos spoke about giving Minakov his medal on the Olympic Channel Podcast, which you can hear here:

11:00 pm - Sjostrom speaks about race programme

Sarah Sjostrom, the 50m butterfly champion, went again almost immediately after her win in the 50m freestyle semi-finals today.

Speaking about her selection of events in Gwangju, she said: "I just wanted to challenge myself. Maybe I could have chosen an easier programme, and just do the 50 fly and 50 free because they were my strongest events this season. My coaches really believed in me, I didn't know where it would take me but I felt it was a nice way to come into the world champs."

What does she think about her chances tomorrow?

"50m free is a really tough event, it's all about doing a great start and feeling strong. No one in the final has had a big programme like I had so maybe I'm coming into the final a little bit more tired than anyone else, maybe. I'm just going to do my best and try to recover as good as possible."

The Swede was also asked about the number of world records which have fallen at this meet.

"Swimming is improving a lot, and it's great to see," she said. "A lot of people said it would be impossible to break the world records of 2009 and we have proven these people wrong. For me, it took six years to beat my own personal best in the 100 fly, it took until 2015 to challenge my own suit time. Swimming is going to continue to grow."

10:38 pm - Campbell wins night's final race

There's barely anyone left in the arena aside from the jury officials, and a small group of Aussie and Chinese supporters.

After what feels like an unnecessarily long wait, we're ready to go for a race that will take no more than 25 seconds.

Liu in lane 4; Campbell in 5.

It's hard to call who got the better start. Stroke for stroke but Campbell is pulling ahead at 25m and it's going to be the Australian who touches first in 24.38.

She's into tomorrow night's final.

10:35 pm - Here they come

Here come Liu Xiang of China and Bronte Campbell of Australia for the final spot in tomorrow's 50m freestyle final.

10:15 pm - Swim-off?

Bronte Campbell, who's just done with her medal ceremony obligations for that relay, will have to come back to the pool for a swim-off in the women's 50m freestyle.

9:54 pm - NEW WORLD RECORD: United States of America

Away they go.

Caeleb Dressel for USA turns in the lead, Chalmers in second for Australia. Dressel has a half-body length lead but here comes Chalmers! It's level! And just 0.03 seconds separate the two teams.

Russia have closed up into second. USA under the WR split at the second change, Australia and Russia close behind.

Australia's McKeon really closing in on Comerford! Simone Manuel has a job on her hands for the USA!

0.21 seconds the gap at 300m!

Can Simone Manuel hang on? Bronte Campbell has caught her, nearly, it's still very close as they turn for home!

Here comes Bronte Campbell. Everyone watching on with worried faces. Manuel is still clinging on to the lead and she will win it in a new world record time!

3:19.40, taking 0.2 seconds off the previous mark!

France win bronze.

9:46 pm - Relay time!

Now, if the mixed 4×100m medley relay the other night was anything to go by, this will be fun.

It's time for our last final of the night, the mixed 4×100m freestyle relay.

Australia in lane 5 have Kyle Chalmers, Clyde Lewis, Emma McKeon, and Bronte Campbell.

USA have Caeleb Dressel, Zach Apple, Mallory Comerford, and Simone Manuel.

We're in for a corker!

9:38 pm - Ledecky wins first gold of meet!

Ledecky has to start in 5 after being beaten by teammate Leah Smith in the semis.

She's ahead through 50m, but China's Wang Jianjiahe is right with her.

The American still leads, by about a quarter of a length at 100m. She's opening up a bit of a gap on the third 50, over half a second ahead of Wang.

The 1500m champ, Simona Quadarella of Italy, has moved up into second at 200m.

The question is, does Ledecky have it in her after her illness to keep ahead for another 600 metres? She still leads at 300m but Quadarella has closed the gap under a second.

That margin has come down by another 0.3 seconds at 350m! Has Ledecky gone too hard early? Quadarella has closed this to under half a second at halfway.

Quadarella has caught Ledecky! Quadarella turns in the lead at 450m!

Ledecky with a strong push off the wall but the Italian is sticking with her. Quadarella now leads by 0.49 seconds at 500m. What does Ledecky have in these last few laps?

It's still about half a body length... 0.84 seconds clear at 600m. Ledecky seems to have found another gear and is closing back in.

Here comes the American! This is a battle for the ages. Ledecky is just 0.12 seconds behind as they take the bell!

She's turned and pushed off stronger and seems to have a better stroke rate! The Italian still leads at 750! The last 50! Ledecky pushed off hard and has really opened a big lead. Wow! Where has this come from the American? That is a supreme last 50. 8:13.58 her final time from Quadarella (8:14.99) in second and Ariarne Titmus of Australia in third.

Ledecky split 29.19 in that last 50. Quadarella's last 50 was 30.78.

9:26 pm - Can Ledecky claim title?

Katie Ledecky hasn't yet won a final yet in Gwangju, finishing second in both the 400m freestyle and the 4×100m freestyle relay on Sunday before falling ill. She then returned in 4×200m freestyle relay to take another silver.

She has the 20 fastest performances over 800m in history.

Is she going to win here?

9:18 pm - Kolesnikov tops 50m back timesheets

World record holder and the Youth Olympic Games champion in this event, Kliment Kolesnikov, blitzes the second men's 50m backstroke semi.

He started off slow but really powered home in the last half of that event.

Evgeny Rylov and Ryan Murphy have also made the final, third and fourth.

9:07 pm - Regan Smith just misses another WR!

So, after a break for Dressel's 50 fly medal ceremony, we're back in the pool for the women's 200m backstroke final.

Hungary's Katinka Hosszu, the pre-meet favourite, was upstaged yesterday by new world record holder Regan Smith.

This promises to be an interesting race.

No problems with the start. Smith leads through 40, and she's under the world record split at 50m. Minna Atherton of Australia turned second.

Smith has a clear lead. Nearly a second under the WR split at 100m.

Hosszu is well back in lane 2.

Regan Smith is clear by nearly two body lengths at 150m. Still under WR pace and is this going to fall two days in a row!

She's just slipping back on the last 50m so no new world record but that won't worry her, she's the world champion!

2:03.69; Kaylee McKeown of Australia silver, Kylie Masse of Canada bronze.

McKeown came home in 2:06.26, such was the gap.

8:51 pm - What fuels Minakov?

We caught up with the silver medallist in that race, 17-year-old Russian Minakov, before the Championships to find out - what fuels him?

8:47 pm - Dressel with second-fastest time in history

Time for the men's 100m fly final. The world record holder, Caeleb Dressel, goes in lane 4.

Dressel's 49.50 in yesterday's semi broke Michael Phelps' 10-year-old world record.

Others in this final to watch are Chad le Clos, the 200m world champ and record holder Kristof Milak, and Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic champion Andrei Minakov.

All off well. Dressel with a superb start and he leads as he comes up for air.

Minakov in 5 is trying to come back. Dressel turns in the lead behind his WR split from yesterday but that's a huge turn, incredible. Huge gap now.

Just outside his world record from yesterday, 49.66, the second-fastest time in history! Minakov wins silver and le Clos wins bronze.

8:36 pm - King and Efimova to renew rivalry tomorrow

That looked supremely comfortable for women's 100m breaststroke champion Lilly King in that first semi-final in the 50m event.

The American clocked 29.84, nearly 0.8 seconds ahead of her closest opponent.

Her long-time rival Yuliya Efimova, world champ in the 200m, is in the second semi.

And she wins that in 30.12, but it's 14-year-old Italian Benedetta Pilato was right behind her!

King, Efimova, and Pilato lead the list of finalists.

8:26 pm - Sjostrom back in pool

Cate Campbell is the fastest qualifier here in the first women's 50 free semi - the Aussie goes in lane 4.

Liu in lane 6 off well but it's Campbell who's comfortably in the lead, Pernille Blume of Denmark now right behind her, and the two of them touch at almost the same time.

Campbell won that semi in 24.09.

World record holder Sarah Sjostrom, fresh off her 50 fly win, is in lane 4 for this second semi. Ranomi Kromowidjojo is also in this heat, while 100m free world and Olympic champ Simone Manuel is in lane 5. Cate Campbell's sister Bronte Campbell will go in lane 2.

Manuel leads off the blocks. Kromowidjojo is right with her. Sjostrom has moved into the lead now and she touches first in 24.05.

8:13 pm - Dressel wins another gold!

So, here comes Caeleb Dressel for his first final of the night.

It's the 50 free, and he looked in solid form last night pushing the world record line.

That WR here is 20.91. Will it go?

Off they go. Dressel starts strongly. Ben Proud is chasing him quickly.

The WR line is here. Is he going to do it? No, but he breaks the championship record and we have a tie for silver!

Gold to Dressel in 21.04.

Silvers to Bruno Fratus of Brazil and Kristian Gkolomeev of Greece in 21.45.

8:07 pm - Sjostrom wins 50 fly

Off in the women's 50 fly final! This will be quick!

It is quick - 25.02 for Sarah Sjostrom who takes the first gold medal of the night!

She outraced Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who started the stronger, at the end.

It's her first title of the meet. Farida Osman of Egypt won bronze.

7:59 pm - What a night of swimming we have in store

There are six finals and three sets of semi-finals in the pool tonight on the second-to-last day of swimming finals.

Among today's races are the men's 50m free and men's 100 fly - will Caeleb Dressel set another world record in either final?

7:30 pm - Italy are world champions!

After a tightly-contested first quarter, the Italians managed to put clear distance between themselves and Spain.

Italy call a late fourth quarter time-out - just to celebrate! Incredible scenes. I'm not sure the Spanish will be pleased with that.

There's not a lot they can do about it though. It's all over. Italy win 10-5.

Italian fans celebrate their men's water polo title

7:15 pm - Italy pulling away

Spain have eight minutes to save their tournament.

The Italians pulled away in that third period and now lead 8-4.

Is history going to repeat itself (see 6:52 pm)?

7:00 pm - Two-goal margin

Still just two goals in this at half-time.

Italy had managed to move 5-2 up, but Spain struck back to go into the second quarter break at 5-3.

6:52 pm - Omens for Spain?

Of their five previous World Championship finals, Spain have won both in which they led after the first quarter, and lost in the other three.

Italy have opened their lead up to 4-2.

6:44 pm - All level after first quarter

It's 2-2. It's fast, furious, and the teams are evenly-matched.

24 minutes remain.

6:29 pm - Gold medal glory on the line

Italy and Spain sprint in the water to start the final

6:10 pm - DEVELOPING: Australian swimmer Shayna Jack sent home for failed anti-doping test

Some news from the swimming.

Swimming Australia have confirmed that Shayna Jack, who was sent home from Gwangju before the Championships began, returned an adverse sample in an anti-doping control in June.

Jack therefore did not participate in any events in Korea.

The Swimming Australia statement reads:

On her Instagram page, the swimmer said: "It is with great sadness and heartache that I had to leave due to allegations of having a prohibited substance in my system."

"I did NOT take this substance knowingly. Swimming has been my passion since I was 10 years old and I would never intentionally take a banned substance that would disrespect my sport and jeopardise my career.

"Now there is an ongoing investigation and my team and I are doing everything we can to find out when and how this substance has come into contact with my body."

6:06 pm - Croatia win bronze!

It's all over! Hungary were unable to close the gap in the end. It ends 10-7 and there's hugs all around!

5:55 pm - Not giving much

Neither team is giving much to the opposition. Croatia lead 7-5 with 5:34 to play in the final quarter. Can Hungary mount a comeback?

5:30 pm - Croatia lead at half-time

Two quarters down, two to go in this bronze medal match.

Croatia lead 4-3.

5:05 pm - Hungary lead Croatia in water polo bronze medal game

The men's water polo medal matches are today, and Hungary have taken a 1-0 lead against Croatia in the third-place playoff for bronze.

4:33 pm - Le Clos channeling champion mentality

With Olympic gold medallist Chad le Clos lining up against world record holders Caeleb Dressel and Kirstof Milak, tonight's men's 100m Butterfly final is going to be a classic.

Le Clos has struggled a little with injury in Gwangju, but he believes its his mindset that will help him take the Olympic gold medal at Tokyo 2020.

Find out more about the mind of a champion below.

3:38 pm - Records under threat tonight

With three world records getting broken last night alone, here's a look at some of the achievements that may be unlocked tonight.

· Reigning world champion Sarah Sjöström (SWE) could become the first woman to win three women's 50m butterfly world titles.

· World record holder Caeleb Dressel (USA) hopes to become the fourth man to win at least two world titles in the men's 100m butterfly.

· World record holder Regan Smith (USA) could hand United States a record extending sixth gold medal in the women's 200m backstroke event.

· In the women's 800m freestyle, Katie Ledecky (USA) is trying to beat her own record of three world titles in this event.

· The mixed 4x100m freestyle relay will be contested for the third time at the FINA World Championships.

2:18 pm - The refugee swimmer

In 2011 Rami Anis was forced to flee his home in Syria due to war.

But years of hard work, dedication and belief allowed him to compete for the Rufugee Olympic Team at Rio 2016, and in yesterday's 100m Butterfly in Gwangju.

Rami serves as a reminder that world championships aren't just about the gold medallists, and you can see our full interview with him in Istanbul below.

1:25 pm - Summer Sanders' prediction

Barcelona 1992 double Olympic gold medallist Summer Sanders believes Sarah Sjostrom needs to improve her performance in the big finals.

She will go up against fellow Olympic champions Cate Campbell and Simone Manuel in this evening's 50m Freestyle semi-finals.

12:30 pm - Paltrinieri hunts second gold

Gregorio Paltrinieri wins the men's 1500m Freestyle qualifying heats.

The Italian, recently-crowned 800m Free world champ finished in 14:45:80, more than two seconds faster than Germany's Florian Welbrock.

The top-9 finishers go straight into this evening's final, and that's your mornings swimming finished.

11.15 am - USA top freestyle relay heats

The United States have secured top spot in the mixed 4x100m Freestyle Relay qualifying heats.

Blake Pieroni, Nathan Adrian, Katie McLaughlin and Abbey Weitzeil cruised home in 3:22:70, over a second ahead of Heat 1 winners Australia.

The two great rivals will lock horns once again in this evening's final.

10:55 am - King bounces back in 50m Breaststroke

After disqualification from the women's 200m Breaststroke, USA's Lilly King has a point to prove.

And boy does she do that! She wins the final heat of the 50m Breaststroke to gain second-place overall for this evening's semi-finals.

Top place goes to Italy's Benedetta Pilato in 29.98 seconds.

Russia's 200m Breaststroke world champ Yulia Efimova finished second in her heat to Pilato's compatriot Martina Carraro.

10:38 am - Kolesnikov shows YOG pedigree

Kliment Kolesnikov was one of the stars of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, picking up six gold medals.

The Russian just proved he can mix it in the senior ranks too, setting the fastest time in the men's 50m Backstroke qualifying rounds.

Team USA's Michael Andrew wins the penultimate heat to qualify in second overall.

Last night's 200m Backstroke champion Evgeny Rylov progresses further down the field, as do 100m Backstroke world champ Xu Jiayu and Ryan Murphy.

10:20 am - Sjostrom freestyle's fastest

She's done it again in the heats!

Sarah Sjostrom has blasted through the water in 24.26 seconds to secure the fastest time of the women's 50m Freestyle qualifying round.

The Swede pipped 100m Freestyle world champ Simone Manuel into second in the heat, while fellow Olympic gold medallist Cate Campbell wins her heat to qualify in second overall.

Olympic 50m Free champion Pernille Blume progresses to this evening's semis, as does Ranomi Kromowidjojo.

World 200m Free champion Federica Pellegrini did not make the top-16 qualifying berths.

9:50 am - Reports of a nightclub accident

We are hearing reports that the roof of Coyote Ugly night club in Gwangju collapsed in the very early hours of Saturday morning while athletes were present.

FINA released this statement:

FINA has been informed that an unfortunate accident occurred in the early hours of July 27, 2019 in a facility next to the Athletes Village of the 18th FINA World Championships in Gwangju (KOR).

As some Championships’ participants were present at the moment of the accident, FINA is carefully monitoring the situation and will activate all measures to ensure health care and assistance is provided whenever necessary.

FINA deeply regrets the situation and sends its best wishes to any victims of this accident.

9:35 am - USA did it again!

Not even a tropical storm could put the USA off from winning a record 3rd-consecutive women's water polo world title.

They simply had too much experience and power for a very determined Spanish team.

Read how the drama unfurled below. The men's final is tonight as Spain take on Italy.

9:30 am - Day 16 highlights

10:00 - 13:00 Swimming preliminary rounds
Women's 50m Freestyle
Men's 50m Backstroke
Women's 50m Breaststroke
Mixed 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Men's 1500m Freestyle

18:30 Water polo: Men's final

20:00 - 22:20 Swimming
Women's 50m Butterfly final
Men's 50m Freestyle final
Women's 50m Freestyle semi-final
Women's 50m Breaststroke semi-final
Men's 100m Butterfly final
Women's 200m Backstroke final
Men's 50m Backstroke semi-final
Women's 800m Freestyle semi-final*
Mixed 4x100m Free
*style Relay final

Click here to read our day-by-day schedule of the swimming events at Gwangju 2019.

9:00 am - Penultimate day

Good morning (or evening if you're in the Americas!) and welcome to a very rainy penultimate day of the FINA World Championships 2019.

Yesterday was the most exciting day yet world records aplenty getting broken.

For Caeleb Dressel and Regan Smith those records fell in the semi-final, so we may see some even faster times today.

Over the road from the Nambu University Aquatics Centre we have the final of the Men's water polo in the evening.


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