Dunk contest set to dazzle fans at Nanjing 2014 Games

Will a reverse 360 windmill win it? How about a double-pump reverse? Perhaps a between-the-legs play off a bounced alley-oop pass or a tomahawk from the foul line? The dunk contest is making its debut at Nanjing 2014 on 21 August, and every player in the men’s 3x3 basketball competition is eligible to participate in this one-day showdown.

Always a hit with basketball fans, the dunk contest will add sizzle to the competition and is set to feature no shortage of razzle-dazzle plays who are sure to bring fans to their feet.

Whether anyone at Nanjing 2014 has a trick play up their sleeve remains to be seen, but it will probably not be for a lack of trying.

Win or lose, Guatemala’s Juan Rosales is excited to be part of the historic event. “I am not that kind of a spectacular dunker but I will be excited to see the other guys from other countries,” Rosales said. “They are really big, they can really jump and it will be exciting to see that in person and not only in YouTube videos.”

Since arriving in Nanjing, Rosales has been checking out the competition, seeing if they have what it takes to win gold. “I saw the Spanish team and the Polish team and they are great dunkers," he said. "I have a special move and I will try it but it is a secret, a top secret. It is great they added this to the Games, really great.”

When it comes to the 3x3 format, Rosales knows that Guatemala will face tough competition. “It’s not the main sport in our country, but basketball is growing,” he said.

“We are getting new players every day. We are getting better. Success for us is making it to the quarter-finals. We want to win a medal but if we get to the best eight I am happy with that.”