Mia Blichfeldt: Why go to an Olympics if you don't believe you can win a medal?

Inspired by Carolina Marin, Denmark's women's no. 1 badminton player has adopted a new mental approach in order to take her game to the next level

By Sanjeev Palar

Mia Blichfeldt doesn’t believe in making up the numbers, she wants to win each and every tournament that she plays in, including the Olympic Games.

However, the Danish women’s singles badminton player is well aware of her shortcomings and has shared exclusively with Olympic Channel how she’s working on her mental approach to the game in order to make that leap forward.

“Sometimes I can be very mean to myself. And I'm actually working a lot at that because I don't have to like tear myself down. I have to, like, rebuild, and be better and learn from my mistakes in the match.” - Mia Blichfeldt

The 23-year-old has used the pause in international sport during the Covid pandemic to reassess her outlook and approach to not only the game, but also life in general. 

She’s used the additional downtime to resume her studies and intends to enroll in university to pursue a degree in finance. 

Blichfeldt, whose rise up the rankings was hindered by injury, believes that her new way of thinking can help her achieve her long-term goals. 

“Last year I learnt a lot about my body and what I can do. Like in the daily sessions, so I don't break myself." - Mia Blichfeldt

Mia Blichfeldt of Denmark

Inspired by Carolina Marins success at RIo 2016, the Dane who is set to make her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, is aiming for nothing less than a spot on the podium. 

Blichfeldt believes that the right mental approach can help her achieve her dreams. 

 “I always had, like, the mindset about an Olympic Games that I just I don't want to go there if I don't have the chance to win a medal. Why go to an Olympic and don't believe that you can win a medal?" - Mia Blichfeldt