Girls changing the face of Breaking through technology globally

Meet Bgirl Terra - and her sisters Bgirl Eddie and Bgirl Sammy – the sisters showing the world the very best of breaking through viral videos. 

By Chloe Merrell

While most people were learning how walk, breaking star Bgirl Terra was already doing headstands.

At the age of 1, Terra was copying her older sister Eddie's moves, and in no time, she was upside down on her hands.

It’s one of the striking things that sets the 2019 U.K. breaking champion apart.

Another is how, now aged 14, she uses her sport to connect with others around the world:

“During lockdown I got people interested in Breaking by doing TikToks and Instagrams, to show them that you can still dance and do different sports while Covid is happening,” Terra shared with in an exclusive interview to mark International Day of the Girl Child.

Bgirl Terra’s videos not only invite people to peak a glimpse at the dance sport that is set to debut at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in just under three years’ time, they also enable her to have an impressive reach. The breaker wants to use that influence as a force for good:

“I hope to use my sport to inspire more girls.”

Her advice for girls like her who are trying to develop their passions and grow:

“I would say to have resilience, don’t give up, and be dedicated.”

Rising to the top of the breaking game takes a lot of commitment; for Terra that means training multiple times a week.

“I fit all the hard work in with school,” the Briton shares.

“What I’ll do is, I’ll go to school, and when I come back home, I’ll train. Then on the weekends I’ll train twice.”

It’s a lot, but she’s not alone.

Her sisters, Bgirl Eddie and Bgirl Sammy, are also breakers; together they form the Dragon Assassins Crew.

“We’re all equal when it comes to dancing,” Terra says, “and we can all do similar moves.”

Sometimes however, it does mean that Terra has to compete against Eddie, so when it comes to future goals for Paris 2024, there is a little bit of a conflict of interest!

“I think my aspiration is obviously to get a gold medal,” BGirl Terra says.

“I am the best girl in the U.K., because I won the UK Girl championship. So I definitely think everyone’s wanting me to have a gold medal at the Olympics.”

“But also, to be there with my sisters… but definitely getting a gold medal.”

It's sure to be a journey she'll share and celebrate with followers online too.